EAT: Top 5 Places to Get Your Grub On in Prague

G2G stamp logo Prague NEWWith all the traditional pub food and meaty goulash that Prague has to offer, we want you to enjoy it all during your trip but not cram your style with massive tourists. Here are five spots to satiate your inner foodie as you peek inside some of Praguers’ absolute favorites.

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1. Restaurace U Kroka 

$$$$ Vratislavova 12, 128 00 Prague, Czech Republic (mapwebsite)

Want traditional Czech food to go along with a frosty glass of beer? U Kroka just might hit the perfect spot. It’s off the beaten path, you’ll find yourself walking very much away from the city center and head toward a quiet, residential area. But nothing beats your neighborhood gastropub like this one. Food is fantastic and the vibe is not at all pretentious. Simply comfortable.

u kroka restaurant czech prague G2G

2. Čestr

$$$$ Legerova 75/57, 110 00 Praha 1, Czech Republic ‎ (mapwebsite)

Čestr is an abbreviation for Czech Fleckvieh breed of cows. The restaurant is masterfully bringing back the approach to mature, cure and cut beef that was done back in the day when meat would be hung for more than 60 days, then braised or grilled. The restaurant has an open kitchen with chefs personally bringing each plate to the table. Good news: they also serve Pilsner Urquell draught beer from casks.

cestr restaurant czech prague g2g

3. Oliva 

$$$$ Plavecká 404/4, 128 00 Praha 2-Nové Město, Czech Republic (mapwebsite)

In case you’ve had enough goulash and red meats, Oliva is a wonderful Mediterranean option. Owners: Svetlana and Peter created the charming restaurant out of their passionate love for olive oil. On the menu, you can find an international fusion of dishes, influences from: France, Italy, Greece, Spain, Morocco, Tunisia, Lebanon and more. We highly recommend any good fish choice. It’s another off the beaten path gem, deliciously located near the river.

oliva restaurant prague czech republic g2g

4. Mama’s Restaurant 

$$$$ Betlémské náměstí 8, 11000 Prague, Czech Republic (mapwebsite)

Used to be known as “Papa’s”, Mama’s is absolutely ideal if you’re looking for something a bit more modern. It’s a great contemporary spin on traditional Czech cuisine. Local dishes on the menu include: Svickova (sirloin of beef), roasted pork, beef chilli goulash and sausages, all prepared in a kitchen recently reconstructed in 2013. Each plate is incredibly well presented. This is a perfect gathering hub for locals and ex-pats. Don’t miss out on its draft beers and an international wine list. The restaurant does get crowded so make sure to call ahead to reserve a spot or be prepared for a long wait!

Mama's restaurant prague czech republic g2g

5. V Zátiši

$$$$ Liliová 1, Betlémské Náměstí 110 00 Praha, Czech Republic (mapwebsite)

Bet you didn’t think traditional Czech dishes would go well with hints of Asian influences. V Zátiši is an elegant and popular restaurant right in the city center, its name signifies “timeless.” Michelin starred chef: Mahavir Kansval is from India, so fusions of Asian spices and flavors with Czech creamy sauces and red vegetables can be appreciated at V Zátiši. Explore their inexpensive set menu along with their selected wine list, you’re sure to enjoy a night of old and new with tons of class!

v zatisi restaurant prague czech republic g2g


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