STAY: Top 5 Hotels to Rest and Relax in Panama City

G2G stamp logo Panama FINALHotels in Panama are best for staycations! We love boutiques in Casco Viejo, and downtown luxury options for lounging by the pools!
$ = USD $100 or below/night 
$$ = $100 – $200 
$$$ = $200 – $300 
 $$$$ = $300+ 

G2G Panama City STAY 1

1. Las Clementinas – Best Leisure Boutique

$$$$ Las Clementinas Chambers, Av B, Ciudad de Panamá (mapwebsite)

Located in the rustic yet beautiful district of Casto Viejo, Las Clementinas is the utmost charming option for a true getaway. One night won’t be enough! The hotel was originally built in the 1930s as an apartment, currently offering six gorgeous suites. The restaurant at the bottom also serves authentic Panamanian dishes. If you’re not staying at the hotel, at least reserve a night to dine at Las Clementina’s restaurant. If you’re looking for a non-mainstream, completely authentic and cultural staycation experience, we highly recommend Las Clementinas. Honestly, you won’t regret it.

las clementinas hotel panama city

2. Panama Trump Hotel Collection – Best Luxury Hotel

$$$$ Calle Punta Colón, Ciudad de Panamá 0833-0032 ‎ (mapwebsite)

You will need to think for a second…are you in Dubai or Panama? The wonderfully luxurious Panama Trump is worth every penny. This might be the sweetest deal in the city. The tower is situated on the peninsula of Punta Pacifica, with an architecture of a sailboat that you can’t miss as a signature of the modern Panama City skyline. The 70-story building is right in the center of the bustling city, with stylish deluxe rooms, junior suites, executive suites and presidential suites.

The restaurants and bars at Trump Panama have become the social hub for Panamanian elites and global jetsetters. But nothing beats a day lounging on its pool deck. We ask you to spend a few hours in the hotel’s famous infinity pool. An absolutely unreal experience. You’re welcome!

trump hotel panama

3. Tantalo Hotel/Kitchen/Roofbar – Best Designer Hotel

$$$$ Calle 8 Este con Avenida B, Casco Viejo, Ciudad de Panamá (mapwebsite)

Also located in the vintage Casto Viejo district, a few blocks away from Las Clementinas is the hip and trendy Tantalo Hotel/Kitchen/Roofbar. Since it’s all three, once you stay here, you probably won’t want to leave! Offering 12 rooms, completely designed by artists. Each room exudes style, creativity and inspiration. The kitchen serves top-notch dishes that reflect upon Panama’s local culture. Since the hotel is frequently hosting art exhibitions and sizzling events, the rooftop is unquestionably THE place to be and to be seen (See: DRINK: Top 5 Bars & Clubs in Panama City).

Tantalo hotel kitchen roofbar panama city

4. Manrey Hotel – Easy Access To Nightlife Central

$$$$ Calle 48 Este, Ciudad de Panamá (mapwebsite)

Let’s not even mention that Manrey Hotel oozes a sleek, modern, contemporary style (imagine grey walls, minimal decor), it’s also right in the focal point of Calle Uruguay, aka: Panama City’s party central! The hotel has all the basics and the price isn’t out of control. Their clientele definitely highlights the fun, the chic and the sophisticated. Lounge around their pool bar Cieloand you’ll know exact what we mean. If you prefer to be in the center of downtown, where everything is within considerable distance, then Manrey would be a nice choice.

manrey hotel panama city

5. Casa del Horno – Best Simple Pleasure

$$$$ Av B 7-53, Ciudad de Panamá (mapwebsite)

Completely unassuming and charmingly hidden in the streets of Casco Viejo, Casa del Horno is a simple surprise. While the price range is on the same par as both Las Clementinas and Tantalo, Casa del Horno provides an hermitage emphasis. The rooms are built within the Calicanto stonewalls, decorated with local artists’ work.

casa del horno hotel panama city



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