Jetset Times Guide To Getaway: Panama City

G2G stamp logo Panama FINALA guide that lets you EatDrinkSeeStay and Shop just like a local. We go straight to the point with simple Top 5 lists. Full of gems, this is a guide that you will love then pass along to your friends.

G2G Panama City

No where else in the world can a traveler clearly see the difference between the old and the new. An instant combustion of ascending modernity and rustic vintage. Standing near the fish market called: Mercado de Mariscos, a Dubai-esque skyline of Panama City is on the left. Glance over to the right, the same city’s skyline is symbolized by Spanish colonial architectures on the coast of Panamanian waters.

Panama City is hungry, yearning for reinvention toward the next level. It is relishing on the introduction of gastronomy, meanwhile its people celebrate the colors as well as the ruins from a complex history. We highly recommend you to enjoy the differences between downtown business district and the charm of the old Casco Viejo. Take in both sides of a rising city, thriving on the glory of a changing face.

Here’s the 411 on Panama City:

panama city mapGeography: It’s located at the Pacific entrance of the Panama Canal. It’s somewhat in the center of the country.

Population: Approximately 880,691 inhabitants, metro population of 1,272,672.

Best time to visit: November through April are beautiful. Other months may be rainy as tropical storms hit the Caribbean coasts.

Getting there:

  • By plane: Tocumen International Airport (PTY) – 20 minutes from Panama City by car. Tip: You shouldn’t pay more than $30 from the airport to your hotel. And the rate can be negotiated down to $10 if you have more than 2 people in the car. Email us for a taxi driver recommendation:
  • By car: It is possible to drive into Panama City by car, coming in from other parts of Panama. There are rental car companies (Hertz, Budget) that are stationed at the airport and near major hotels.
  • By train: A daily train runs between Panama City and Colón along the Panama Canal. The train goes out to Colon in the mornings then come back to Panama City in early evenings. If you’d like a view of the Canal, this would be a great option.

Getting around:

  • Walk: Do-able but not recommended as neighborhoods are still quite far away each other.
  • Taxi: Most highly recommended. BUT always know how much your taxi should cost to avoid getting upcharged. Drivers don’t use meters, they use zone maps, so don’t be afraid to ask to see how much getting from point A to point B should cost. It should never cost more than $10! Also, negotiate the price with the driver before you get into the taxi. You may have to let a few go before you get one who agrees on the proper price, but it’s worth it. An important tip: never allow a hotel to hail a taxi for you. It will always be at least twice the price of what you’ll get on the street. Walk a few blocks; there are taxis everywhere.
  • Bus: Ceap and convenient. Fares are $0.25 and the destination of the bus is written across the front windshield in large letters.

EAT: Top 5 Places To Get Your Grub On

G2G Panama City EAT

DRINK: Top 5 Happening Clubs & Bars

G2G Panama City DRINK

SEE: Top 5 Must-Dos You Can’t Miss

G3G Panama City SEE

STAY: Top 5 Hotels to Rest and Relax

G2G Panama City STAY 1

SHOP: Top 5 Local Boutiques You Can’t Find Anywhere Else

G2G Panama City SHOP


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