5 Spots That Make Venice The Perfect Place For A Writer’s Retreat


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Venice is, hands down, the most poetic place I have ever been. The silence and stillness of water lapping against its shores at night is beyond inspiring; it’s the perfect place for a writer’s retreat. If you choose to write in any of these dreamy spots, make sure to let me know in the comments below, so I can live vicariously through you!

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1. Atop a rooftop

Venice features some of the world’s best rooftops, with amazingly beautiful views to boot. Just pick your favorite rooftop, grab a pen and begin!

Amanda Rodrigues rooftop Venice Italy

2. St. Mark’s Square

Eager writers should be careful with this one or else you may end up paying 20 euros for a cup of coffee. Choose your seat wisely and feel free to sit on the steps; you’ll be fine as long as the security officers have their backs turned away from you.

Venice Italy city view

3. On a bench

All around Venice are secret little benches, generally overlooking a canal that provides a safe haven on their own. Some of the best benches are on Giudecca – an island slightly below the mainland, or located near the Accademia Bridge.

Amanda Rodrigues Venice

4. In a gelato shop

Nothing gets you through your afternoon writing like some gelato at Gelateria Nico a Venezia by the Grand Canal. Pro tip: order a giant sundae with an enormous bar of chocolate sticking out of the top; you’re best ideas ever are sure to come!

Amanda Rodrigues writing

5. In a square

Also known as a piazza, Venice is full of them. At any time of the day, they are the perfect place for romantic Italian eavesdropping and a brainstorming session with a delicious café con leche.

Venice Italy

Photos: Amanda Rodrigues

Do you have a favorite spot to write in Venice? Share with us in the comments.

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