A Letter To Our Contributors


Tunisia Wendy

To our contributors,

As we approach the end of March, I feel as though I’m in dire need of a public confession. Being the leader of this travel platform, I did not want to say these words but I think the time calls for it because I believe in transparency and most of all, complete honesty.

Yes, there is such a thing as “too much traveling.” And I’m feeling every bit of its consequence in this very moment. So I apologize for the lack of our weekly emails, and if I haven’t been 100% on the top of my game as we’re launching numerous projects, I’m deeply sorry.

In 2016, I’ve already visited three continents, that’s five countries with each encompassing strong characters and new experiences to inhale. I wish I was one of those travelers satisfied by checking off bucket lists. I wish I could walk by a poor local village in Tunisia and not feel a thing. I wish I could stroll through a park in China and not be astounded by how much it has changed since I last visited the same place almost 20 years ago. I wish I could go on a ski trip in Switzerland with my friends and not be touched by the majesty of nature’s beauty. I wish I didn’t grow emotional about the fact that because of global warming, the magnificence of the Swiss Alps in front of my eyes might disappear in twenty years.

View from ski lift 🎿⛷ #JetsetSwissAlps

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You see, I wish I didn’t feel so much when I travel. If I didn’t, then I would’t be emotionally exhausted as I am now. As much as I don’t want to admit it, I HAVE been moving around too much and it’s time to pause for a month or two. As the founder of Jetset Times, is it shameful to accept: there is actual peace and joy in the idea of being stationary. For now, at least.

Normally, I would reveal this in our private weekly contributors letters to each and every one of you. But the lesson of too much traveling, for me, became one that I feel connects us all travelers. The reason why you write for Jetset Times is because you also feel as much as I do, you also indulge in every taste and smell. Most of all, you live through local experiences as if you’re one of their own. As I sit here and confess the lack of being fully present at my job, I also know that you understand what this feels like. You’ve also experienced this inevitable case of too much traveling.

Thank you for sticking by me, and for believing in Jetset Times. This is going to be a huge year for us while we implement various programs as we grow together. I’m so grateful for your hunger for this world, especially during moments like these, when I need to hibernate behind a desk in Paris to execute our strategies and then, to explore again.

With love,



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