Cádiz’s Los Carnavales: What Spain’s Biggest Festival Was REALLY Like


Carnival is a major event celebrated all over the world, and in Spain there’s no bigger carnival celebration than Los Carnavales in Cádiz, where celebrations rage on for two straight weeks and every corner of the old city is full of life and music.

Located on a long, narrow strip of land in the Andalusia region of Spain, Cádiz is one of Europe’s most beautiful ancient port cities. Founded by the Phoenicians in 1,100 BCE, it is Spain’s oldest continuously inhabited city. Cádiz is without doubt one of the most gorgeous and worthwhile sites to visit in Spain, with vibrant colors juxtaposed next to the sea and the gleaming Atlantic beach that stretches along the entire length of the city.

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What makes Los Carnavales de Cádiz exceptional are the chirigotas, groups of local performers that go around the old city playing instruments and singing satirical songs about politics and current events. During carnival, you will find numerous groups of performers dressed in coordinated costumes, drawing crowds in every street throughout casco antiguo.

Cadiz Spain

The official, and much larger performances are organized by the city, which features popular singers and bands performing on huge stages in plazas during Carnaval. Just like Americans during Halloween, most carnival-goers will dress up in costumes and masks, and stay out in the streets all day and night, drinking, singing and being merry.

I had the pleasure of celebrating Los Carnavales in Cádiz during the second weekend of the celebration, capturing the festive and colorful city and people during this special time. Watch the full-length video of my time in Cádiz, which will probably make you want to experience celebrating Carnaval there yourself next year!

Have you ever ben to Los Carnavales in Spain? Share with us in the comments.

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    Oh Beautiful Cadiz!

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