10 Fascinating Facts About Tunisia


Tunisia sahara desert

The beauty of Tunisia lies in its variety. From camel rides in the Sahara Desert, soaking your feet in the Mediterranean Sea, visiting film sites where Star Wars took place, to visiting local houses that belong to native Berbers…it’s a land with a sordid history but an extraordinary destination.

1. Location

As the most northern country in the continent of Africa. It calls both Algeria and Libya neighbors, along with the gorgeous coastline of the Mediterranean Sea where the city Hammamet embodies beautiful resorts that tourists have flocked to since the 1960’s. In addition, travelers can traverse through the magnificent Sahara Desert.

Tunisia canyon


2. Name

Tunis is Tunisia’s capital and it’s also the city that gave the country its name. Tunis is situated in the northeast part Tunisia.

Tunisia Tunis view

3. History

Since long ago, Berbers have always lived in Tunisia. During the 12th century BC, Phoenician began to migrate into the land and established Carthage. During 149 BC, the Romans battled and won over Carthage while infusing Christianity and architecture to Tunisia.

During the first century of Islam, the Arabs took over Tunisia, then did the Ottomans from 1534 to 1574. In 1881, France conquered Tunisia hence travelers can get by easily speaking French in today’s Tunisia. By 1957, Tunisia retrieved independence with Habib Bourguiba and the country became the Tunisian Republic in 1957.

Tunisia desert camels

4. Politics

After its independence, the Tunisian Revolution in 2011 overthrew President Zine El Abidine Ben Ali. Tunisians gained the right to vote for parliament in 2014 and for its President a month later.

Tunisia berbers

5. Population

Tunisia’s population is approximately ten million made up of mostly Arab-Berber. Other minorities include Europeans from France and Italy.

Tunisia market

6. Language

There are two languages spoken in Tunisia: Arabic and French.

Tunisia flag

7. Religion

The majority of the population are Muslims with 99.1% being Sunni Muslims and 1% of Shia Muslims, Christians, Jewish and Baha’i. When you visit the great mosques in Kairouan, keep in mind that’s the fourth most important Muslim city behind Mecca.

Tunisia Kairouan mosque

8. Archeology

Travelers are typically surprised to see a heavy influence of Roman archeology in Tunisia. These World Heritage Sites and museums are must-see’s, including the Carthage-related landmarks that are surely at the top of every itinerary.

Tunisia Roman archeology

9. Transportation

Traveling throughout Tunisia requires a hired driver, especially if you’d like to visit cities outside of Tunis. The capital is also the only city with a proper metro system.

Tunisia Tozeur motorbike Star Wars

10. Hollywood

Fans of Star Wars have flocked to Tunisia to spot numerous filmmaking sites, including: Djerba (Episode IV), Tozeur, Lars Homestead Exterior (Luke’s home), Mos Espa, Tataouine…and so many more.

Tunisia Tozeur Star Wars

Have you been to Tunisia? Let us know in the comments.

Wendy Hung contributor profile Tunisia


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  1. lfish64
    March 6, 2016 at 8:24 am #

    Beautiful country! I love geography fact.

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