Can You REALLY Save Big At Duty-Free Stores?


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How many times have you browsed through duty-free shops and wondered if it’s really worth it to make a purchase? How much are you really saving? Is it a true bargain?

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If you’re prepared to load up on cheaper goodies, we have some tips for you on what you should really be splurging on for the best deal. But first…

What IS duty-free?

It’s a sales tax or customs fee that you pay while making purchases on items from abroad then bring back to your country. Duty free exists because sellers can waive the fee when the products are imported specifically for customers leaving a country. Since they’re not charged with “duty fees” then these products are duty-free for international travelers.

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Tips on saving BIG at duty-free:

  • Experts suggest travelers should make purchases on luxury items that you would normally pay a higher tax outside of airports. In addition, splurge on items that typically have high duty surcharges, such as: cigarettes and alcohol.
  • Keep in mind duty free items are not priced the same throughout the world. The same product may be priced higher at London’s Heathrow Airport or Tokyo’s Narita Airport. So you would save more by purchasing at international airports in developing countries.
  • Many duty-free items are packaged in bigger boxes or bottles than the ones you would see at a store back home. So do your homework before a trip by calculating how much a product costs per unit or per liter. Beware: simply because the item is packaged in varieties, does not mean you’re getting the best deal. They might be priced the same but just in multitudes.

What do you think of these duty-free tips? Let us know in the comments.

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