Beer + Big Mac Is Now Possible At McDonald’s In South Korea


McDonald's South Korea

Are you loving it?

McDonald’s in Asia already delivers, it shouldn’t be a surprise that it would start selling beer.

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A premium outlet in South Korea’s fashionable Seongnam city will open on Monday next week. The “high-end McDonald’s” will be somewhat of a concept McDonald’s restaurant hosting 90 people at a time.

With a loyal customer base in Asia – a continent where the golden arches isn’t branded as junk food but simply a Westernized franchise – McDonald’s has had success with salad bars in Hong Kong, truffle fries in Singapore, and a younger audience utilizing McCafes as study halls. (No, we’re not joking!)

The definition of my trip so far. #mcdonaldsbeer

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So, why beer in South Korea? According to a Business Insider report,

South Korea handily dominates the list of countries, drinking more than twice as much liquor per capita as any other country.

No wonder, McDonald’s chose South Korea as the first country to introduce this brew-happy idea.

Beer and Big Mac might be news in the U.S. or the U.K., but this isn’t the first time McDonald’s is selling beer. In 1971, the fast-food chain already launched beer options in Germany. Now, it’s available in countries such as: France and Spain.

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In 2009, Burger King opened a “Whopper Bar” in Singapore. If it had been more popular, it would’ve expanded to other regions as it had originally planned to Hong Kong, Taiwan, Tokyo and China. Whopper Bar, though, didn’t mean that BK started selling alcohol with fancy cocktails. The bar served burgers with multiple ingredients and sauces.

Maybe McDonald’s will captivate a larger crowd with beer. Who doesn’t love a cold pint on a warm day?

We’re loving it.

Well I'd like a Big Mac and… Oh a beer would be nice, only in Italy #lmao #McdonaldsBeer

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What do you think of beer at McDonald’s? Let us know in the comments.



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