The Best Free VPN App You Should Download In China


Betternet VPN iPad

Few years ago, the worst part about traveling to China is also saying goodbye to your social media accounts. Beyond that, don’t expect to use WhatsApp, Line or other text-messaging devices. They simply won’t work!

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To solve the issue, many companies have released VPN apps to help travelers and expats living in China to better sustain activities on social media accounts. For those who haven’t been to China, here’s what you’ll first need to understand:

Traveling to China doesn’t mean that you have zero access to the Internet. Search engines work and Chinese-based social mediums including Weibo (Chinese Twitter,) and Ren Ren (Chinese Facebook) work fast and well. But expats and foreign travelers don’t have profiles on those platforms while the ones that don’t work in China include: Google, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram…and many more. Due to Internet censorship in China, aka “The Great Firewall of China,” there are so-called military soldiers who monitor Internet access of users and block many websites.

VPN comes to the rescue! Virtual private network extends private network across the internet. By establishing a virtual point-to-point connection, VPN allows users to send and receive data across shared or public networks just like they were connected to the private network.

At the app store, you’ll come across far too many VPN apps that you can download. If you’re staying in China during multiple months, you’ll want to pay a monthly fee for VPN subscriptions. They can cost from USD $2.00 to $12.00/month. If you’re traveling to China for a week, however, downloading a free app will work just as great.

Betternet VPN app iPhone

After trying many and deleting just as many apps on my iPhone, I discovered Betternet to work the best. Some VPN apps lose connection frequently and take a long time to reconnect afterwards. It’s a pain when all you want is to post an Instagram photo, or to reply a Facebook comment.

Other great qualities about Betternet include: unlimited free service for as long as you want and it requires one click to log in every time, literally. It’s available on both desktop (Microsoft Windows, Google Chrome, and Firefox) and phones (iOS, and Android.)

The next time you find yourself staring at a dead screen blasting “Lost Connection,” try downloading Betternet, it’ll save your social media life across the great land of the far east.

Have you already downloaded Betternet app? Let us know in the comments.


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2 Comments on “The Best Free VPN App You Should Download In China”

  1. Fay
    March 4, 2016 at 9:26 am #

    It’s true!!! I’ve tried everything but it’s the only one that worked! Thanks!!

  2. Kon
    March 7, 2016 at 12:04 pm #

    Is snapchat compatible in China using the betterment app?? Anyone know?

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