Inside Tito Tomasi’s Big Ride In The Mountains Near Grenoble, France


4 am, the alarm rings in my van, it’s cold outside. I wake up like a zombie, get my clothes on and quickly eat my cereal. Today’s program is tough and exciting.

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I get out and see the stars. I’m now in La Morte a small village in the mountains near to Grenoble and the sky is clearer than ever. Even if the moon is small I can see pretty well, so I can do almost all of the climb without my head lamp.

Tito Tomasi Grenoble France mountains

Tito Tomasi Grenoble France mountain bike

I have been in the valley for a few weeks, trying new spots and trails. It’s not a region well known to me and so I listen to the other rider a lot. And when my friend Antoine told me about the area for the first time I instantly knew I was going to try it. He told me that the lake area is beautiful but the best would be to climb the summit. He told me « This is high on people’s list » which often means that it’s going to be nice and a little bit hard.

I completed my  mission of the day to climb the summit of the Taillefer range, at 2857 meters from the village and see the sunrise from the ridge before the summit. I have a lot of information about the trail, it’s generally the same used to climb and go down.

Tito Tomasi Grenoble France

Now is the time, I climb the ridge and the sun rises. Suddenly two mountain goats run in front of me and disappear in the slopes. The grass is yellow, the rocks are orange and the snow is white. This exact time and vision are beautiful, exactly what I like in mountain biking. Being there alone and witnessing the beauty of nature. Calm and conscious.

I eventually reached the summit after a long hike and a bike ride, and the view is impressive over the Alps. I can see a lot of ranges and recognize a lot of mountains from the national parks and more. But my curiosity is huge and I decide to not go back the same way and after looking at the map for a while I decide to attack the north face and reach the lake area. And then try to get back to the van by doing the range tour. I know it’s gonna be hard but the challenge is worth a try and this is what I like. To be in the mountain for the day and go big!

Tito Tomasi Grenoble France view

The north face downhill was hard, steep and crazy. The snow makes it possible and impossible at the same time as it becomes slippery and dangerous with the ice. Slowly I make it and get back on the rocks before heading to the lakes. It’s magical and beautiful. I can take my time and enjoy all the views. Before I can go down to the valley, where I had my second climb, I go down through a dry forest. I have a good time surfing the leaves. The valley is nice, with farms and villages.

Tito Tomasi Grenoble France dusk mountain bike

Tito Tomasi Grenoble France bike mountain

The third climb is mostly a hike with a bike! Then I can ride the trail. It’s narrow and exposed but I like it and when I get to the pass I finally reach a very different valley and atmosphere. I start to feel heavy legs but the fun is high and I make the most of the day! The last climb gets me back to La Morte and I can get in my van to rest and enjoy the rays of sun and drinking natural spring water.

The sun is in my eyes, my legs are dirty and sore. I feel complete and have memories for years. This is biking, a ride to our limits and an opportunity to live our adventure every day.

Tito Tomasi Grenoble France bike

Tito Tomasi Grenoble France bike ride

Photos: Tito Tomasi

What do you think of Tito’s bike adventure? Let us know in the comments.


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