Where In The World Can You See Bulgari’s Sparkliest Holiday Windows


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Around the world, major department stores including New York’s Bergdorf Goodman, Paris’ Galerie Lafayette and London’s Harrods have carried on their annual traditions of illuminating holiday window displays with extravagance and opulence. Some have even taken installations to an interactive level. Italian jewelry and luxury goods brand, Bulgari, is no exempt.

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This year, if you’re holiday shopping in Chengdou, Hong Kong, Moscow, New York, Paris, Rome, Seoul, Tokyo or Taipei; you’ll be mesmerized by Bulgari’s sparkly LED lights draping over buildings in a diva-like manner. The luxury brand’s most iconic pieces such as Serpenti’s snaklines, are larger-than-life, shining brightly over storefronts in key cities around the world.

In Chengdu, for example, the installation is 13 meters tall, composed of 94.828 individual lights created by engineers and architects over 60 days in addition to 4 days devoted to setting up. As world leaders gather in Paris for COP21, Bulgari aligns the ecological message by using LED bulbs for lower energy consumption.

If you find yourself on Rome’s busy and fashionable street Via dei Condotti, also Bulgari’s flagship store, you’ll be gazing at the entire street gleaming of light displays and eight-pointed stars situated at every portal arch. The star symbolizes the balance of East, West, South, North and cosmic order that’s closely connected to “Roman Caput Mundi” – a Latin phrase meaning “capital of the world.” Sister stars are also shown in 300 worldwide Bulgari stores.

Other signature collections include:

The Peacock constellation representing Diva collection. New York City’s Fifth Avenue.

The seductive Snake for the Serpenti collection. Tokyo, Japan.

Serpentine collection on Statue Square in Hong Kong.


What do you think of Bulgari’s holiday displays? Let us know in the comments.


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