The Best Budapest Restaurants We Can’t Live Without

BY NIKOLETTA FERKO, from Hungaria Koncert (Budapest, Hungary)

Hungary Budapest restaurant Pesti Disznó

For the last few years, Budapest has been the “it” place to be for savvy jetsetters. Who doesn’t love the view of the Dabube River, a relaxing day at thermal baths, all the while sipping on glasses of tasty wines?

Together with Hungaria Koncert, we’ve released 4 fabulous tour packages so you can skip lines at bath halls, ride on a helicopter like a total VIP, and cruise the Danube in style. We’ve asked Nikoletta Ferko from Hunkaria Koncert to give us 5 of her favorite local restaurants that you’ll fall in love with during your stay in this rustic yet charming city.

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Hungaria Koncert

1. Zsindelyes Étterem és Pálinkaház 

Budapest, 1095, Mester u. 13, 1095 Hungary (map, website)

Call: +36 1 215 0139

Zsindelyes Étterem és Pálinkaház offers excellent traditional Hungarian food with unique and high quality drinks that will guarantee a carefree and relaxing family atmosphere. Enjoy the meal and services, and the time you spend in the restaurant will provide a fun and memorable time.

Hungary Budapest restaurant Zsindelyes Étterem és Pálinkaház hivatalos oldala

Facebook/Zsindelyes Étterem és Pálinkaház hivatalos oldala

2. Spinoza Café

Budapest, Dob u. 15, 1074 Hungary (map, website)

Call: +36 20 464 2241

Spinoza Café is a beautiful, cozy restaurant in the heart of the Jewish quarter in Budapest, a two-minute walk from the Great Synagogue. It’s open from 8 AM and offers amazing, all-day breakfast! During lunch and dinner, great traditional Hungarian food with unique vegetarian dishes, are served. There’s live piano music each evening and every Friday there’s a traditional Klezmer show in the cabaret theatre located inside.

Hungary Budapest restaurant Spinoza Café

Facebook/Spinoza Café

3. Pesti Disznó Bisztró

Budapest, Nagymező u. 19, 1063 Hungary (map, website)

Call: +36 1 951 4061

Pesti Disznó Bisztró is the place where simple, delicious food is prepared from fresh quality ingredients. “Diszno” is the place where quick, hearty lunches at noon and gourmet dinners in the evenings await, not to mention you can sample the country’s finest wines with your friends. Tasty, fresh, affordable – Diszno is the place where you can spend quality time with family and friends with ease.

Facebook Hungary Budapest restaurant Pesti Disznó

Facebook/Pesti Disznó

4. Hanoi Étterem

Budapest, Fő u. 71, 1027 Hungary (map, website)

Call: +36 1 793 3999

Hanoi is home to a master chef who strives to create the ultimate food-lover’s experience, keen to provide guests with an impressive menu and an unforgettable dining experience. Staying true to the authentic flavors of Vietnam, the chef at Hanoi Étterem refines the ingredients for your enjoyment for an exquisite dinner that will bring you the extraordinary joy of eating fine Vietnamese cuisine!

Facebook Hungary Budapest restaurant Hanoi Étterem

Facebook/Hanoi Étterem

5. Halászbástya Étterem

Budapest, Budai Vár, Halászbástya Északi Híradástorony, 1014 Hungary (map, website)

Call: +36 1 201 6935

Owing to the elegant neo-Romanesque interior and a well-trained team, Restaurant Halászbástya impresses its guests with a beautiful and cozy atmosphere. An excellent venue for intimate evening dinners and wine tasting, the view from the restaurant is unforgettable, offering a wonderful panoramic experience of the city and Danube River. The gastronomic style of the restaurant is based on traditional Hungarian cuisine mixed with modern ingredients to offer an innovative menu list.

The thoughtfully prepared courses are paired with the finest wines from Hungary’s top wine regions, along with the world’s most renowned wineries. Sommeliers are at your service to help you chose from more than 150 wines, and more than happy to recommend only the best wines to fit the mood and flavors of your meal.

Facebook Hungary Budapest restaurant Halászbástya Étterem

Facebook Hungary Budapest restaurant Halászbástya Étterem food

Facebook/Halászbástya Étterem

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What do you think of this list of Budapest restaurants? Let us know in the comments.



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