#StopTrophyHunting: Zimbabwe’s Big Tusk Elephant’s Killer Identified.


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Earlier this month, a German CEO, Ranier Schorr, killed a rare “big tusk” elephant during a safari trip in Zimbabwe. The photo of Schorr priding himself with the body of the so-called “biggest elephant in Africa,” and numerous tusks displayed in front of him enraged animal activists as well as the international public.

According to Zimbabwe Parks and Wildlife Authority, who defended the hunt, the elephant was killed on Oct. 7 in a private hunting area which allows big game hunting as long as the hunter has a permit. The area is situated on the outskirts of Zimbabwe’s Gonarezhou National Park that hubs a few remaining “big tuskers,” often attracting hunters for ivory.

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On ZPWA’s website, it states:

Communities will benefit from revenue generated from wildlife based projects including hunting in the area. Such hunts go a long way in assisting communities in the surrounding area.

Regardless of the 11,452 elephants still running wild in Malipati safari region and trophy hunting is considered legal with permits, Schorr’s act is still considered inhumane by the general public.

PETA conducted an interview with The Telegraph asking the public to provide information to help identify the hunter with a reward close to €1,000 (USD $1,134.) When the animal rights organization’s German branch offered a reward for the identification of the hunter and photos of Schorr surfaced on the internet, three different sources with the same information came forward with one of them being Schorr’s former friend who told The Telegraph:

I was a little bit surprised because after that lion in summer … We are no longer in the times when you can do something like that. Why should we hunt these animals today?

Schorr’s permit cost $60,000 with the accompaniment of  a professional hunter. During a 21-day game hunt trip in Zimbabwe, Schorr wanted to track and kill Africa’s “Big Five,” which includes: elephants, lions, buffalos, leopards and rhinoceros.

Trophy hunting has been a massive controversy over the summer, ignited by the death of Cecil, the lion, who was killed by an American dentist also in Zimbabwe.

Source: The Telegraph. Additional reporting by Jetset Times.

What do you think of trophy hunting and Schorr’s killing of the elephant? Let us know in the comments.

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