Singapore Launches The ULTIMATE Exclusive Gym Experience


Gravity gym Singapore

CEOs around the world have a fancy place to work out in Singapore, and it’s spankin’ beautiful.

Situated on Market Street, in the new Capitagreen office, Gravity Club was a SGD $9.5 million (approximately USD $6.8 million) project led by Fitness First in the UK. The company’s CEO Simon Flint described the mission of building Gravity Club as creating a “private intimate personal experience” for senior executives and professionals.

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Forget about sharing showers in grimey lockers or smelling the sweat of your workout buddy. The Gravity experience is a five-star hotel, a first-class cabin and a Michelin restaurant rolled into one. Upon entering the building, you’re swept up to the 38th floor by a private express elevator which opens its doors to a white marbled lobby embellished with British-designed leather chairs and wood-topped tables.

Gravity gym Singapore meeting room

While a receptionist takes care of your needs, complimentary coffee and tea awaits your appetite at the fully-stocked bar.

To become a member at Gravity requires a SGD $3,000 (approximately USD $2,153) one-time fee, in addition to a SDG $6,000 (approximately USD $$4,306) monthly fee. You’ll never see the gym crowded with folks as membership is capped at 1,000 subscribers in order to sustain exclusivity.

Gravity gym Singapore pool

The fees include physical examinations by an in-house doctor, hours of wellness coaching with certified fitness coaches, and an on-call nutritionist to plan personalized course of vitamins and meals.

Working out in style just stepped up its game. Look out for JST Shop as we prepare to launch a brand new line of #sportsluxe wear for you to look good while hitting a fancy gym like Gravity.

What do you think of Gravity gym? Let us know in the comments.

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