Why This Air France Exec’s Shirt Was Ripped


Air France executives protest

Protests in France are common, and it often involves union activists. This time, though, it got abnormally violent.

On Monday, almost 100 Air France union activists stormed into the company’s headquarters during a meeting in which thousands of layoffs were possibly about to happen.

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The meeting took place at Roissy Airport, located 40 minutes north of Paris. Two men hopped over fences to escape the protest. Two high-level executives’ shirts were ripped with their suits teared apart.

Air France has implied that it will file a complaint for the assault.

The protests regarding job cuts came from Friday’s announcement by the CEO of Air France-KLM, Alexandre de Juniac, that the airline would layoff employees after a failure to reach an agreement with pilots and competition against low-cost Europe and Gulf carriers in long-haul flights. Speculations by the French media reported 2,900 job cuts.

Monday’s meeting was meant to go over details regarding job cuts.

Activist for cargo workers, Yves Porte, said,

At a certain moment, the Gulf companies, who have low fuel prices and who receive government subsidies, compete with us. It’s impossible, we are not on a level playing field.

France’s transport secretary, Alain Vidalies tweeted the violence was “unacceptable and must be punished.”

Source: Associated Press. Additional reporting by Jetset Times.

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