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HEARTWATCH is a young, lively band, based in the bay and waiting to break out. The band’s members originate from all across the country, but chance encounters have brought them together in San Francisco, a city that is both happy and proud to have adopted them. Originally known as The Tropics, the band has been around for about two and a half years, but has been especially prolific over the course of the last year in terms of both releasing music and winning over fans. The group released debut EP Wind House late 2014 and this past summer dropped new single “Faultlines”, a wistful love song that covers the theme of post relationship nostalgia over a powerful bass line and an insanely catchy chorus, with singer Claire George paying homage to one of San Francisco’s most notorious images.

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Their current catalogue of songs isn’t terribly deep, which is a major fault when listening to such an addictive band. However, this lack of depth does not inhibit their live shows and will soon be solved. According to the band, the full debut record is cut and ready to go, it’s just a matter of finding the appropriate moment to drop it. A record that the band is clearly very proud of and eager to set a release date for it. Guitarist Eric Silverman described their first record “as more of a learning experience, but the new album really encapsulates what we have been trying to do”. He also notes how much they have grown from their first recordings up until now, single “Faultlines” is representative of this transition and the sound they have been trying to achieve. A sound that, when it comes on at a party draws so many comparisons to different artists from first time listeners that it almost becomes indefinable. The one constant is that their music is irresistibly poppy and forces the listener to start dancing, a quality that their live shows provide evidence for.


Despite only one member of the band actually originating from the Bay Area, HEARTWATCH has accrued a cult following of hometown fans. This summer they were given the formidable task of kicking off Saturday at San Francisco’s Outside Lands Music and Arts Festival in Golden Gate Park. Bands typically struggle to hold their own during such an early time slot and often, early festivalgoers walk by indifferent to the sounds coming from the stage. HEARTWATCH however set the tone for one of the year’s best festivals. Their fan base rolled up to the festival in a bus and flocked to the front of their stage creating a very impressive early morning festival crowds. The band undoubtedly lived up to the crowd, playing an energetic set that kept everyone dancing to both their already released hits and a few unreleased tracks. They created a magnetic force drawing in unknowing music lovers to their stage to witness what was arguably the best local band at the festival.

Outisde Lands 2015 Heartwatch live

Outisde Lands 2015 backstage heartwatch

Perhaps what has garnered them such a lofty reputation among locals is their live performances. Aside from Outside Lands, the band played a sold out show at San Francisco venue The Independent as part of the city’s annual Noise Pop Festival. They bring huge amounts of energy to each show. They are a band that seems to enjoy dancing on stage as much as those in the crowd do. Fans unexpectedly brought sunflowers to their Outside Lands performance, which by the end were raining down on the band and covering the stage. The nature of the band is one that when the giant flowers started to hail down, they didn’t stop or slow down but kept going, dancing in-between and catching the gifts thrown at them from their fans. They have an unadulterated happiness and joy that comes out in their performances and is reflected in the music they make. Having primarily played local shows, the band are gearing up to do a more expansive tour of the United States once the album is released. Hopefully their tour is massive and hits up every major venue across the country because HEARTWATCH is an infectious band that should not be missed.

Got up early and hit the "gym" #thatisnottrue #weatesomany #voodoodoughnuts 😛🍩#thetropics

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