Inside This Dreamliner’s First Class Upgrade


British Airways Dreamliner First Class

This is a Dreamliner made of dreams.

British Airways has released new renderings of new and exclusive 787-9 Dreamliner aircraft, with plans of flying to Abu Dhabi, UAE and Muscat, Oman.

Exclusivity, in this case, rings true to the meaning of the word. Each aircraft will include eight first-class seats, with prices starting from approximately USD $3840.

For high-end jetsetters, here are just a few reasons why we’re more than excited about this release and you should be too:

1. Control everything like a smartphone.

Your in-flight system can be controlled just like your usual handheld devices. A split-screen entertainment system allows you to watch and operate multiple media platforms at the same time. Need to watch a movie and look at a map? No need to choose, you can do both!

British Airways Dreamliner First Class seat

2. Jog-dial is genius.

Instead of controlling lighting from your seat handle, you can adjust headrest and lighting via a smart “jog-dial.”

3. Cabin storage areas makeover.

There will be compartments even for your handbags, shoes, tablets, passports…and many more. Need a mirror but forgot to bring one? No need to walk over to the restroom! A mirror attached to the inside of a seat’s locker doors will ensure you’re beautified and satisfied.

4. There’s a “Personal Suitor”!

Just to clarify what this means: for men who hop on board with suits and jackets that should never be wrinkled, personal suitors are made to stow your outfits away without you ever leaving your seat.

5. Charge it up, baby!

In case your gadgets need more juice, you can plug them into discreet stowage area next to your armrest.

British Airways Dreamliner First Class bed

Some features will be upgraded in all cabins, including lighting can be adjusted to help travelers go to bed and wake up according to the time of day. Larger windows will decrease your likelihood to experience jet-lag.

BA also explained that all cabins will have lower pressurization, so passengers won’t feel as dry with an altitude of 6,000 feet (rather than regular commercial aircraft’s 8,000 feet.) These upgraded Dreamliners will also be 20 feet longer than current Dreamliners.

According to BA’s website, tickets to travel on the 787-8 are now available to book on selected flights between London Heathrow, Austin, Calgary, Chengdu, Chennai, Hyderabad, Montreal, Philadelphia, Seoul and Toronto.

Flights on the 787-9 to Delhi launch in October 2015.

Photos: British Airways

What do you think of the new Dreamliners? Let us know in the comments.


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