British Airways Plane Caught On Fire At Vegas Airport


british airway airplane

British Airways Flight 2276 was caught on fire on the runway at Las Vegas McCarran International Airport on Tuesday. The flight was bound for London’s Gatwick Airport, getting ready to take off when flames ignited on the engine.

The incident sent 13 passengers to a local hospital. Injuries mainly came from people sliding down the inflatable chutes during evacuation.

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At 4 p.m. local time, Boeing 777 was about to take off then stopped as the captain announced on the intercom there was an emergency. Massive black smoke entered the aircraft when the doors of the plane opened while flight attendants guided passengers to safety.

The flight included 159 passengers and 13 crew members. The Federal Aviation Administration stated the plane’s left engine caught fire.

Sports writer for The Guardian, Jacob Steinberg, was on board and sent a series of tweets:

The evacuation process happened swiftly and efficiently as the fire was put out in mere minutes. Safety vehicles arrived to aid the situation within 90 seconds while large trucks were on site within two minutes.

The airport’s twitter feed updated the situation to the public:

The cause of the incident was not officially announced but British Airways spokeswoman, Caroline Titmuss, said:

Safety is always our priority. We are looking after customers after an incident involving Flight BA2276.

By midnight, the airport’s runway was reopened.

Friends or family with any concerns can call us on the following numbers: (US) 1 800 654 3246, (UK) 0800 389 4191.

Source: USA Today. Additional reporting by Jetset Times.

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