How This Tailor-Made Floating Island Can Be Yours



Because a private island just isn’t enough. Let’s make it float.

If you’ve been hunting for a private island to own, Christie’s International Real Estate has just announced a unique project to build the world’s first floating island.

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Set to be in Maldives, the chain of artificial isles is called Amillarah Private Islands, with future projects set in Dubai and Miami.

Maldives Amillarah private floating island rendering

How much these floating islands will cost has yet to be released, but Christie’s indicates they will be not only luxuriously high-end, but also eco-friendly, self-sufficient and customizable to your preferences.

The project will involve design collaborations with Koen Olthuis and Dutch Docklands. As one of TIME Magazine’s most influential people of the year in 2007, Olthuis’ architectural specialization is in floating structures countering concerns of floods and rising sea levels.

Maldives Amillarah private floating island

Dutch Docklands is best known for their philosophy of utilizing existing technology with oceanic lifestyle. With a history of developments around the world, the company has long been an expert in urban prosperity while building spaces on the water.

CEO of Christie’s International Real Estate Dan Conn said:

The opportunity to literally develop a private island on a body of water is a testament to Dutch Dockland’s skills in this arena. Buyers are able to customize the size, shape and style of their residence, within the broadest range of locations, beginning with this first opportunity in the Maldives.

Jean-Michel Cousteau’s Ocean Futures Society will also partake in the floating islands to research and implement eco-friendly elements so that sea life sustains and prospers during and after the creation of the islands.

Maldives Amillarah private floating island view

Christie’s emphasizes on its website that these self-sustainable floating islands are “free from environmental impact, safe from rising sea levels, and will create a new underwater habitat for sea life.”

To find out more info on Amillarah Private Islands, fill out the form here.

Maldives Amillarah private floating island spa

Photos: Christie’s Real Estate

What do you think of the world’s first floating islands? Let us know in the comments.


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