These #TravelCats Just Want To See The World



They say “dogs have owners, cats have staff.” The biggest privilege of being a cat owner is that felines are so fiercely independent, which gives you the freedom to travel whenever you want. But what if they’re desperately “meowing” to come along too?

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Planning a trip with your cat might be more complicated than one would think. First, how to pack that litter box? Let’s hope wherever you’re going has a large garden. Although some cats get nervous being on the road, many of them love new adventures too. After all, they’re curious souls always looking to hunt a fly or two mice.

We know for a fact because we just spent half a day sifting through photos on Instagram with the hashtag #TravelCats. Below you’ll find ten adorable kitties who are definitely not ready for summer holiday to end!

1. “Backseat, that’s our horny ecstasy, popping gon’ already see.”


2. This cat has gone from ATL -> Las Vegas -> LA -> Tokyo -> Nagano. But he won’t forget his roots. 


3. It’s all about Egyptian cotton sheets, this guys knows what’s up.


4. “San Francisco’s breezy mornings aren’t all they’re cracked up to be.”


5. “Pack me along or else…”


6. “Who needs a seat belt when I’ve got this sporty leash!” 


7. “Now you’re sitting on a Paris train, laughing at your own jokes again…”


8. “Eeni meeni miini…Greece, it is!”

How am I gonna tell her she's not coming 😿#greece #travelcat #catsofinstagram #cats #indie #planning

A post shared by Anna Mary Campbell (@knucklesmckenney) on


9. “And that’s why I thought I should go, and start my life over on the seashores of old Mexico.”

First time at the ocean! #expatcat #mexico #seacat #princezuko #travelcat

A post shared by jrosedao (@jrosedao) on


10. “Haha. Aisle seats are for suckers!”


Does your cat travel too? Let us know in the comments.



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