Seaweed Takeover Transforms Mexico Beaches From White To Brown


Seaweeds are beautiful, but when they’re taking over your favorite beach, it gets a little worrisome.

Mexican authorities are faced with the issue to remove massive sargassum seaweed taking over popular beaches that are typically gorgeously white.

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Sargassum is a genus of brown macroalgae (aka: seaweed.) Numerous species are distributed throughout the temperate and tropical oceans of the world, where they generally inhabit shallow water and coral reefs, and the genus is widely known for its free-floating species. The Atlantic Ocean’s Sargasso Sea was named after the algae, as it hosts a large amount of sargassum.

The reason for the heavy amounts of seaweeds washing ashore is unclear. Local experts believe that it can be caused by high levels of nutrients in the ocean water, changes in ocean currents or temperatures, or alterations in wind patterns.

Beaut minus the seaweed 🏄🍹🐚

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Cancun City government even took photos of the seaweed takeover. Last week, the city shoveled and cleaned up approximately 500 cubic meters of sargassum.

Governor of Mexico’s Quintana Roo (the location of Cancun resort) Roberto Borge said efforts to remove the seaweed will center around the coast first, from Holbox then moving down to Tulum.

Borge stated that tourists haven’t cancelled their trips due to seaweed issues. Despite continual flow of tourists coming to Cancun, officials still need to pay attention as travelers don’t want to be disturbed during the removal efforts. During this season, there are also natural sea turtles nesting upon these Caribbean beaches to lay eggs.

The government is also working with naval and environmental experts to solve the problem, exploring different methods to reuse or transfer the picked up seaweed.

Source: BBC. Additional reporting by Jetset Times.

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