How British Airways Eyeballs Hidden-City Ticketing


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Do you practice hidden-city ticketing? If so, you better watch out because British Airways is on the hunt.

United Kingdom’s flag-carrier airline is cracking down on travelers who intentionally buy plane tickets with transit, then leave the layover city airport to forfeit the second or final leg of the flight. Such practice isn’t deemed illegal, but it’s definitely not preferred by airlines.

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Hidden-city ticketing allows travelers to save on airfare. It’s not true for all routes, but in certain cases, fares with a layover can be huge money savers than direct flights.

Hence, many airlines, have begun to enforce harsher regulations to penalize any cancelled return flights or suspicious ticket purchase behavior.

According to Head for Points, British Airways is currently offering low cost flights from Germany to Hong Kong, a route appealing to travelers interested in a layover in London. BA is carefully monitoring who is dodging the system:

Two people, independently, told me last week that British Airways will begin to take a harder line.

Once BA finds a traveler not completing the final part of the itinerary, the traveler should be prepared to be billed with the price that make up for the cancelled part of the trip.

Websites such as Fly Shortcut and Skiplagged have been instrumental in helping travelers search for hidden-city ticketing flights. Recently, Orbitz and United Airlines were in legal disputes with Skiplagged, but the case was thrown out due to a jurisdiction issue. We have a feeling that airlines will continue to uncover hidden-city ticketing tools.

You’ve been warned!


Source: Head for Points. Additional reporting by Jetset Times.

Do you practice hidden-city ticketing? Let us know what you think in the comments.


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