Japan Opens World’s First Robot Hotel, And It IS Strange


Henn-na Hotel robot  reception

In February, Jetset Times reported Japan was set to open the world’s first robot hotel. The day has come.

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Henn-Na Hotel (translation: Strange Hotel) opened on July 17 and it’s currently run almost entirely by robots. Word on the street is that it will eventually be fully staffed by humanoid robots. At the reception, s female humanoid and a dinosaur robot will greet you at the reception. Forget bellmen, another robot porters are also on site to assist you with bags and luggage.

Henn-na Hotel robot bags

Porter Robots

Henn-na Hotel robot cloak room

Robot cloak room

Henn-na Hotel Japan robot lobby

Hotel lobby

Situated in Huis Ten Bosch, a Dutch-style theme park in the Nagasaki Prefecture, Henn-na Hotel features a facial recognition system which allows you to enter guestroom without using a key. An in-room high-tech system also senses your body heat to adjust your room temperature.

The two-story hotel is open to the public with 72 rooms. Prices range from single beds at 9,000 yen (approx. USD $77) to the most expensive room at 44,000 yen (USD $374). It will be the most futuristic hotel catered to middle and lower-cost travelers.

Henn-na Hotel robot room


Source: BBC. Additional reporting by Jetset Times.

What do you think of a hotel staffed by robots? Let us know in the comments. 


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