Cycling Through Paris? No Need To Stop On Red Lights


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There’s no need to stop for red lights in Paris, especially if you’re on a bicycle.

In an effort to encourage more people to ride bicycles throughout the City of Light, Paris mayor’s office announced cyclists do no need to stop for red lights.

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This comes after research and tests back in 2012, proving cyclists riding through red lights do not cause more accidents on the streets. The tests also show that improving cyclists’ flow of traffic, reduces chances of car collisions, including ones that involve the car’s blind spot.

There will be, however, traffic lights specifically for bicycles. These lights will be installed under traffic lights for cars and they will signal cyclists whether they can turn or continue straight ahead, regardless of which color traffic lights for cars may be.

In addition to installation of new traffic lights, bike paths will be created throughout the city and close to 10,000 new bicycle parking spaces will also be designated.

The mayor’s office also said new bicycle traffic lights will begin to roll out on certain crossroads, starting from July to September. Officials are hoping the new change will:

…help improve the flow of cycle traffic.

At crossroads without new bicycle traffic lights, then cyclists need to follow traffic lights for cars. It must be noted that the new regulation does not give cyclists priority or right of way.

Paris has been on a fierce push to improve air quality by restricting the amount of cars on the streets (except for electric or hybrid cars.) With new traffic lights for cyclists, the mayor’s office hopes Parisians ride bikes during 15% of their journey and it also foresees tripling the amount of bicycle journeys by 2020.

Source: BBC. Additional reporting by Jetset Times. 

What do you think of cyclists passing red lights in Paris? Let us know in the comments.


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