UberPop Suspended In France. How Is Everyone Reacting?


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That’s probably what you’ll see if you try to use UberPop in France.

Since last week’s violent demonstration by French taxi drivers, Uber has put a stop to its lowest-cost riding-sharing service in France.

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On Friday, a decision has been made to officially suspend UberPop. According to Paris prosecutor’s office, the decision arrived after two senior European Uber managers were allegedly arrested during an investigation into “illicit activity” connected to the service.

UberPop France

Prior to the decision announced on Friday, France had continuously ruled to outlaw UberPop. Regardless, Uber drivers were still operating.

Thibauld Simphaud, Uber France chief, told French Newspaper Le Monde on Friday that the company changed its mind to bring peace with authorities.

The protests derived from French cab drivers who need to pay up to €240,000 for their taxi licenses. UberPop drivers, on the other hand, did not require special licenses nor were they professional cab drivers. Because of its low-cost fare, UberPop’s business was increasing dramatically in France which infuriated local licensed drivers.

Across France, approximately 500 legal cases regarding UberPop complains have been filed. French officials highlighted the safety of passengers which is neither insured nor legally protected by UberPop drivers, in any case of accidents.

Although French taxi drivers are celebrating Friday’s decision, UberPOP passengers are at dismay. Hashtag #UberEtMoi (Uber and me) is currently trending on Twitter:

Since 2011, UberPop has been providing services in Paris. For travelers in France, your Uber costs might be higher than before as the company’s UberX, Black Car and Van are still available (as well as Bateau, which means boat.) If you’re into carpool, UberPOOL is also still in service. Legally.

Source: CNN. Additional reporting by Jetset Times. 

What do you think of UberPop’s discontinuation in Paris? Are you affected by it? Let us know in the comments.




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