Why Olympus Air’s Mirrorless Cam Is For Smart Selfies


Olympus Air 01 camera lens 1

Smartphone cameras are the hottest items now for travelers who want high quality photos with the convenience of a phone.

For five months, the Olympus Air A01 has been introduced in Japan. Now, it’s entering the U.S. market so more summer travelers can take amazing selfies to a whole new level.

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The 16-megapixel mirrorless camera is can be controlled by smartphones or tablet via a handheld interchangeable lens camera. Specs include: storage battery, sensor, up to 1080p video-recording, 10fps continuous shooting, a TruePic VII image-processing chip, RAW capture, Bluetooth and WiFi.

In addition, it’s compatible with iOS, Android and Amazon’s Kindle platform which makes the shooter easy to control and transfer images.


The size of the lens is similar to most DSLR lens, which can be attached to your smartphone, where you can control settings, check your images. Air 01’s interchangeable lenses allows travel photographers to take advantage of using smartphones as a controller while swapping out lenses.

What’s even better for selfie-takers is that Air 01 and your smartphone don’t need to be attached to snap pictures. You can use your smartphone to control the shutter as you hold up the lens to frame your shot.

Olympus Air 01 camera lens

You can have this awesome gadget for $299 or $499 including a 14-42mm lens.

For those who don’t mind walking around the city with a tripod, Air 01 is also compatible with it.

Olympus Air 01 camera lens 2

What do you think of the new Olympus Air 01? Let us know in the comments.


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