Icelandic Folk Artist Sindri Már Sigfússon: What’s In My Luggage?


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Iceland is a country with a unique and vibrant history and tradition. A major part of the nation’s culture is its rich music scene, which has existed for years as an exciting counterculture to the popular music found throughout the rest of the world. Noteworthy acts such as post-rock band Sigur Ros, singer Björk, and indie rock band Of Monsters and Men have emerged from this scene as well known acts that have given the world a taste of the kind of the beautiful music being made in Iceland.

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Beyond these big names, Iceland currently has a rich and rapidly growing independent music scene, with new sounds being made that have both fallen in line with the traditional sounds of the nation, yet have also created a new, modern voice. One man who currently sits at the heart of this scene is Sindri Már Sigfússon, who started the popular folk group ‘Seabear’ and has recently created music under the name ‘Sin Fang’. His 2013 album ‘Flowers’ is one of my all time favorites and a definite recommendation for anyone searching for an album to get addicted to this summer. His music is diverse, poppy, and possesses simple, yet powerful songwriting that is complemented beautifully by his voice.

Sindri answered an array of questions from his musical inspirations to his travel destinations, for this week’s What’s in My Luggage?

Where was the best show you ever played?

I don’t recall any one particular show. But most of the time when you play a festival for a big crowd, that’s really fun. Playing in Japan and Brazil was amazing. The first time I toured the U.S. was great.

If you could play a show at any venue anywhere in the world, where would it be?

In one of those underwater houses.

Across your first two albums you don’t have a set, definitive sound. Whenever I listen to you guys I am always surprised at the variety across your catalogue of songs, what is the goal when making your music?

My main goal is always to have fun and be excited by what I’m doing. I decided long ago that if making music stopped being fun and exciting, I would stop.

Where would your dream tour take you?

I just came back from Japan. It was my first trip there and that had been a dream of mine for a long time. I still haven’t been to Australia! That would be great!

Sindri Már Sigfsson iceland musician

Your song ‘Young Boys’ is one of my favorites and whenever I show a friend your music that song always makes them fall in love with you. What inspired that song?

The theme of the album ‘Flowers’ is teenage years and young adult hood. That song is about drifting away from someone you were very close to as you grow older.

If you could only bring either three albums or three books on a trip, which would they be?

All the Seinfeld series, The Restraint of Beasts by Magnus Mills and Nick Drake – Five Leaves Left.

If I were to visit Iceland what would be one place I should visit or thing I should see no matter what?

Just get in a car and drive somewhere out to the country. I recommend driving the circle road (The Ring Road) around Iceland, you’ll see lots of good stuff.

Where is your favorite place to see a concert?

My favorite bar in Iceland to see a smaller show is Húrra Reykjavík but I also really like going to festivals so you can walk around and see lots of stuff.

If you could collaborate with any artist in the world on your next album, who would it be?


What is one band you think more people should know about and listen to?

Icelandic band Kimono.

If you were putting on a music festival, what three other bands would you have headline with you and where would you have it?

Jónsi, Múm and Kanye West in a space station.

Where is the band’s next destination?

I’m in the studio right now finishing my next album, so not a lot of traveling this summer. But when the new album comes out, I’ll probably go on tour.

What does traveling mean to you?

I really like going to new places and I used to hate traveling, all the airplane rides and driving for hours. But now, I’ve gotten a bit better at it. Just bring books and movies/TV shows to watch and have some red wine.

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