Taiwan Water Park Up In Flames, 519 Partygoers Seriously Burned


Taiwan is a destination known for its flaming hot summers, but these flames were no joke.

Approximately 519 people were seriously burned as a result of “Color Play Asia,” at Formosa Water Park in New Taipei City, Taiwan.

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During the music party with estimated 1,000 people in attendance, an explosion accidentally went off from colored powder thrown from the stage. As a result, partygoers’ lower bodies were burned. Most victims were in their teens or ’20s.

Taiwan Premier Mao Chih-Kuo announced an investigation has gone underway while public activities with colored powder are now banned.

On Sunday afternoon, it’s been reported that 184 people are hospitalized with half of the victims being serious injured, while 184 are in intensive care. Most victims are Taiwanese, with four people from Hong Kong, two from China, one from Macau, one from Japan, one from Malaysia, and one from Singapore.

Ma Ying-Jeou, President of Taiwan, visited a hospital in Taipei on Sunday afternoon. He reassured that victims would receive the best medical care and reaffirmed investigation for the responsible party of the accident is in process.

Taiwanese police are now questioning those who might have ignited the powder, including two park workers, on-site organizers and two technicians. All may face charges of “professional negligence causing serious injuries and endangering the public.”

Source: Associated Press. Additional reporting by Jetset Times

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