Parisian Taxi Drivers Protest UberPOP, Courtney Love Caught In Fury


Operating in more than a dozen cities in Europe, UberPOP has been a cost-effective option for travelers and commuters as opposed to regular taxis. Despite the fact that UberPOP drivers are not licensed taxi drivers, the app has been working well. In turn, licensed taxi drivers are not only frustrated but extremely angry at the loss of their businesses.

Last year, UberPOP was ruled illegal by the French government, but the transportation app told drivers to keep operating as no court had requested the company to officially stop.

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On Thursday, singer Courtney Love was caught in a fury of protests by Parisian taxi drivers. The demonstrations blocked traffic near airports, train stations and major streets. Love tweeted several times during the hot mess:

Love even called out to French president Francois Hollande who said on Friday that the demonstrations were “unacceptable,” and that UberPOP should be dissolved as it doesn’t “respect any laws.”

Telling reporters in Brussels, Hollande said:

You can understand that there are demonstrations. You can understand that there’s exasperation because it’s already been going on for months and the court decisions are slow to come.

With chaos in the City of Light, Interior Minster Bernard Cazeneuve asked the Paris police to forbid UberPOP services and declared vehicles using UberPOP will now “be systematically seized” by police when seen operating.

Currently, Uber is still assessing its legal actions and have yet to exercise any implementations.

As for Love, the rock musician got on a motorcycle after being held hostage for an hour. She posted the following photos on her Instagram account before tweeting: “United States needs to ban all travels to France!”

Courtesy: Instagram/courtneylove

Source: Wired. Additional reporting by Jetset Times. 

What do you think of banning UberPOP app in Paris? Let us know in the comments.


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