This Is What Happened After A Passenger’s Cracker Rage


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Last December, the nut rage on Korea Air was heard around world, one would think passengers now know better to repeat the same mistake. But, no.

Let’s change the “nut” rage to a “cracker” rage.

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On Saturday, during a United Airlines’ flight from Rome to Chicago, a 42-year-old passenger named Jeremiah Mathis Thede requested an additional bag of snacks. While the plane was taking off, Thede allegedly stood up with the seatbelt sign on and refused to sit down until he received nuts and crackers.

In mid-flight, Thede’s attitude grew further agitating that the crew found it intolerable. When they went to the captain for help, the flight was diverted to Belfast.

Thede appeared in court on Monday for charges on endangering the safety of an aircraft and assaulting the crew. Testimonies show Thede was verbally abusive, lifted bags in and out of overhead bins and blocked aisles.

According to BBC, Thede said that he was a victim of a conspiracy and was being “picked on.”

The original plan was that every passenger would be able to continue their journeys to Chicago from Belfast, but UA’s crew had already reached the company’s maximum duty time so the rest of the passengers had to sleep on the floors of the airport until the next flight took them to their destination on Sunday.

With more than 13,000 gallons of fuel dumped at Belfast, the airline estimated the incident cost them approximately $500,000 in compensation. Karen May, United Airlines’ spokeswoman, said:

We’re refunding the Rome to Chicago flight as well as flights customers had to other destinations after arriving at O’Hare Sunday. Plus, we offered customers the choice of a travel certificate or miles for our MileagePlus loyalty program. So customers could get their flight refunds and a travel certificate or their flight refunds and MileagePlus miles.

Source: BBC. Additional reporting by Jetset Times.

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