Auroras’ Sudden Appearance Saved You A Trip To The Arctics


Courtesy: YouTube

Aurora alert!

If you missed the Northern Lights show last night, there’s a big chance that you might be able to catch it tonight.

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On Monday night, the magical auroras were captured by many observers thanks to a solar storm. Folks in the midwestern U.S. and Canadian border indulged in the the multi-colored sky, along with those in New England. Lucky ones in the UK and Ireland were also able to indulge in the nature show. People in Montana got clear shots of the rare astronomical display, which was the most visible when the sky was clear.

Aurora is a natural light display in the sky typically only seen in the Arctic regions. They’re normally caused by cosmic rays, solar wind and magnetospheric plasma interacting with the upper atmosphere. Their charged particles composed of electrons and protons, enter the atmosphere from above causing ionization of atmospheric constituents, and continuous light emissions of red and blue lights.

The Space Weather Prediction Center predicted certain areas would see auroras due to a solar storm which was caused by magnetic plasma shot out of the sun on Sunday, it impacted the Earth with high intensity seen since March.

From New Hampshire, Wyoming to Colorado, the world was wow-ed away. And rightfully so.

For more incredible photos, visit Aurora Borealis Notifications Facebook page.

What do you think of Aurora’s amazing show? Let us know in the comments.


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