This Private Jet Service Is A Bargain For Frequent Travelers


Facebook Rise private jet

Rise is on our radar, and it should be on yours too.

The Texas-based company is changing the way travelers access private jets, whether you’re an entrepreneur or simply a frequent traveler. With an affordable membership service, Rise has been a buzzworthy convenience for travelers between Dallas and Austin. Soon, it’ll expand in Europe with flights between London and Dublin.

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There are different tiers of membership and the most basic Express level is a complete bargain. For $1,650 per month, travelers can fly as often as they want (if a flight isn’t full) with the ability to book two reservations (same cost as a return flight) and a companion pass for $750 per flight. The second tier Executive level costs $2,150 per month with the ability to book four reservations at a time in addition to a free companion pass every month. The top Chairman level costs $2,650 per month with the ability to book six reservations at a time and a free companion pass per month.

Facebook Rise private jet interior

All this comes with what anyone would expect of a private aircraft experience: VIP treatment, door-to-door service…all that good stuff. Once booking has been made, a Rise concierge arrives at the door, escorts a traveler all the way to the eight-seat Beechcraft King Air 350 executive jet.

Unlike charter planes, travelers can’t dictate exactly when the flights should take-off, although members can select when they would like to travel. Rise’s Uber-style app lets travelers book and step foot on a jet instantly or travelers can reserve up to six weeks in advance.

Some other bonus points that we love about Rise include an “in” to the elite community of travelers with exclusive events. More privileges are given to members in the higher tier. For travelers who don’t travel light, Rise aircraft allows 40 lb of luggage, a bag and a personal item.

Now, who’s ready to Rise to the occasion?

Facebook Rise private jet seats

Photos: Facebook/Rise

What do you think of this style of private jet service? Let us know in the comments.


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