How To Take Fulll Advantage Of The Redesigned Flickr App


Flickr app

This week, Flickr released an updated, redesigned app to help travelers organize the thousands of photos we upload on the image and video hosting website. The redesigned app looks slick, up to date with the feel of Instagram, and features new tools for Flickr users to fully search, store and upload more efficiently than before.

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Here are three ways to fully take advantage of the new Flickr app:

1. Magic View

Similar to iPhone’s “Collections,” Flickr’s new “Magic View function sorts photos by what’s in the photo rather than when or where the photos were taken. On the left hand sidebar, there are 11 main categories and 70 sub-categories. Want to look for pics of your puppies? Just click on “Animals.” Where are your selfies by the beach? Click on “People,” then “Portraits.”


Flickr app Magic View

2. Auto-Uploadr

The new uploaders for Mac and Windows syncs your photos to other devices which allows you to delete the photos on your phone. You do need to turn on the “Auto-Uploadr” feature so that you can free up storage space on your phone. PS. Photos automatically uploaded are initially private, you’ll need to go in and mark them as public if you’d like to share them with others.


Flickr app auto-uploadr

3. Better search

Flickr also improved its search powers in the redesigned app. For example, if you search for “Empire State Building,” it doesn’t pull photos of “empire,” “state,” and “building.” It now immediately understands that you’re searching for the New York City landmark.

For your own photos based on metadata tags and Flickr’s own automatic subject-tagging algorithm, you can search by holiday, year, location, mood, theme, color, image size, subject and orientation.

Flickr search

Upload the new Flickr app on iTunes and Google Play.

What do you think of Flickr’s new app? Let us know in the comments.


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