Inside Blakes Hotel Kensington’s Summer Boho Chic


Matthew Williamson Blakes London

When we noticed fashion designer Matthew Williamson’s instagram filled up with snapshots of a bohemian secret garden, we knew something special was happening.

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Hailed as the first boutique hotel in the world, the five-star Blakes Hotel is a favorite of Kate Moss, Princess Margaret, Sarah Ferguson the Duchess of York, and Gywyneth Paltrow. The hotel was established in 1978 by London hotelier and designer Anouska Hempel. The hotel’s style has been recognized as eclectic, a gallery of artifacts from around the world, collected by Hempel’s travels around the world.

Courtesy: Instagram/matthewwilliamson

Blakes has partnered up with Williamson and installation artist Rebecca Louise Law to re-style the hotel’s courtyard just for the summer. The collaboration is seamless in our eyes as the hotel’s famous Asian and Moroccan vibes fit perfectly with Williamson’s epitome of boho-chic.

Facebook Blakes London courtyard

Facebook Blakes London Matthew Williamson

From May 19 – July 14, guests can indulge in colorful glamour at the hotel’s Hendrick’s Horticultural Oasis where they can sip from a huge variety of cocktails embellished with herbs grown in the garden. The idea is to relax in “a sumptuous celebration of the summer season; resplendent in blooms and taxidermy.”

Famous for protecting the privacy of its guests from the prying eyes of the paparazzi, Blakes Hotel is frequented by celebrities, artists, musicians and designers. Hence, this South Kensington gem is widely praised as a “couture hotel” by globetrotters.

Facebook Blakes London

Facebook Blakes London

Photos: Facebook/Blakes London

map blakes hotel london


Blakes Hotel

33 Roland Gardens, London SW7 3PF, United Kingdom (map, website)

Michael Yamaoka photographs SHOP JST.COM


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