This Is The Best “Elphie” We’ve Ever Seen


Let's get this Elfie on Ellen Degeneres! #ElfieOnEllen @theellenshow

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According to traveler Christian LeBlanc’s recent encounter in Thailand, the word is currently trending. And rightfully so.

At an elephant sanctuary in Koh Phangan, an famished elephant mistakenly grabbed LeBlanc’s GoPro camera instead of his food and snapped an adorable selfie while the camera was on timelapse mode.

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LeBlanc posted the photo on Instagram and captioned: Let’s get this Elfie on Ellen Degeneres! #ElfieOnEllen@theellenshow

After a few “elphies,” the elephant gently gave the GoPro back to LeBlanc. According to The Mirror, the student currently studying in Thailand said:

I ran out of bananas so it grabbed my GoPro by the handle while it was on time-lapse…Luckily elephants are very gentle and I got it back with one of the best photos I have ever gotten.

LeBlanc is continuing is gorgeous travels with his girlfriend. After the now famous elphies, had got a whalie which turned out pretty epic too. Follow his Instagram here.

Courtesy: Instagram/

Source: The Mirror. Additional reporting by Jetset Times. 

What do you think of these elphies? Let us know in the comments.


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