10 Australian Artists To Listen To, Based On Your Favorite Bands


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Here is a list of 10 of Australia’s best artists either currently killing the music game or having been on the scene for years, based on the artists you typically see filling in at the top of the charts.

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1. Katy Perry and Betty Who

Looking for another beautiful female pop star with an equally powerful voice? Look no further than Sydney born Betty Who. Her first album dropped late last year and it is full of catchy, songs about life and love that practically force you to dance.

Courtesy: YouTube

2. Blink 182 and Bodyjar

Melbourne based punk band Bodyjar have been on the scene for a while and have gone fairly under the radar in the United States. Like Blink 182 they write the kind of pop punk songs that make you want to mosh and sing along. You probably heard hit song ‘Not The Same’ in a Tony Hawk game, but they have a deep catalogue filled with golden skate punk.

Courtesy: YouTube

3. Bon Iver and Dustin Tebbutt

Are the smooth, acoustic indie jams of Bon Iver more your style? Then go listen to Dustin Tebbutt right now. Another artists fairly new to the scene, having only released two EPs last year, he’s already making a lot of noise and being heralded as one of the next big independent artists on the world scene.

Courtesy: YouTube

4. Two Door Cinema Club and New Navy

When listening to indie jams are you more inclined to want to get up and dance rather than sit back and chill out? Writing songs in a similar style and sound as indie pop favorite Two Door Cinema Club are Sydney based New Navy. Give their hit song ‘Zimbabwe’ a chance and if you don’t like it then, well I’m sorry, but there is something wrong with you.

Courtesy: SoundCloud

5. Hoodie Allen and Thundamentals

Hailing from the Blue Mountain region outside of Sydney, rap group Thundamentals provide hilariously catchy lyrics covering topics such as being frustrated at work, roommates, and loving everything, including the fish in the Great Barrier Reef. If you have always thought Hoodie Allen was good, not great and could use a little bit of humility and a tongue in cheek attitude, then I definitely recommend Thundamentals.

Courtesy: YouTube

6. Disclosure and Flight Facilities

Just like Disclosure, Flight Faciliites is a production duo powerhouse that has been gaining a big reputation and following with the success of their hit song ‘Crave You’ that was a part of their 2014 album Down to Earth. Also like Disclosure they have put out a brilliant album start to finish filled with funky, sophisticated dance jams. Australia has a growing electronic international music scene and they are definitely moving towards the forefront.

Courtesy: SoundCloud

7. Eddie Vedder and Kim Churchill

I’m not talking about Pearl Jam Eddie Vedder, I am referring to the Eddie Vedder that made the beloved soundtrack to Into The Wild and a hit album of ukulele songs. In the same sort of style Kim Churchill writes emotionally driven songs, focused purely around his guitar and voice. Also, for the ladies he is a very handsome looking Australian man.

Courtesy: SoundCloud

8. Florence + The Machine and Meg Mac

Another set of female artists with incredibly powerful voices, emphasizing the beauty in their lyrics. Winner of Triple J radio’s unearthed artist of the year for 2014, Meg Mac has only begun and is going to be huge, trust me.

Courtesy: SoundCloud

9. 5 Seconds of Summer and Lunatics on Pogosticks

I understand that 5 Seconds of Summer are already Australian, but for some reason their tween pop punk has captured a huge international audience. The main difference between them and Lunatics on Pogosticks is that I really like Lunatics on Pogosticks. They are disgustingly catchy and have been flying largely under the radar in these early days of their career. I am just waiting for the day that their candle is lit and then has gasoline dumped all over it as a larger audience \ discovers them. They rock, they rock hard.

Courtesy: YouTube

10. Sam Smith and The Kite String Tangle

Sam Smith has an undeniably beautiful voice. However, so too does Brisbane native Danny Harley in his project The Kite String Tangle. His songs may not encapsulate the same emotional fervor as Sam Smith, but they are equally sophisticated and equally deserving of your attention.

Courtesy: SoundCloud

Like to add anything to this list? Let us know in the comments.

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