What Will New Emojis Reveal About Your Travel Life



Emoji-lovers, get excited! According to Yahoo Tech, Unicode Consortium, the company coordinating the development of Unicode standard, is releasing 38 new emojis by 2016.

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If you’re at a restaurant in Mexico or stuffing your face with tacos in San Francisco’s La Taqueria, sorry to tell you but taco emoji is still not part of the new lineup. But traveling women expecting a child/children, however, will be happy to know that a pregnant woman will be an addition as well as a potato (jetting to Idaho, anyone?)

Below is a list of new emojis that we think will come in super handy when you showoff about your travel life next year. #SelfieIncluded

  • Face with cowboy hat – Wild Wild West
  • Clown face – Carnival of Venice
  • Nauseated face – Car sick!
  • Rolling on the floor laughing – Bachelor/bachelorette parties
  • Drooling face – Brazil…mmm!
  • Lying face – “What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas”
  • “Call me” hand – When you meet an European man
  • Selfie – Eiffel Tower
  • Raised back of hand – Music festivals
  • Left-facing fist – Kung (Chi)
  • Right-facing fist – Fu (Na)
  • Handshake – Business trips
  • Hand with first and index finger crossed – Takeoffs & landings
  • Pregnant woman – You go girl.  Literally.
  • Face palm – “No Wi-Fi?…”
  • Shrug – “…Oh well!”
  • Man dancing – Argentina!!
  • Prince – Londontown
  • Man in tuxedo – Wiener Opernball
  • Mother Christmas – When you can’t make it home for the holidays.
  • Wilted flower – When you realize long distance relationships don’t never work out.
  • Scooter – Roman Holidays (Audrey Hepburn version)
  • Motor scooter – Roman Holidays (your version)
  • Octagonal sign – Road trippin’
  • Clinking glasses – Champagne (preferably on a boat)
  • Black heart – One word, it’s universal: HANGRY
  • Croissant – Vive la France
  • Avocado – Going (going) Back (back) to Cali (Cali)
  • Cucumber – What you’ll be eating after vacation
  • Bacon – B&B
  • Potato – Idaho
  • Carrot – What you’ll never be snacking on a trip
  • Fox face – Countryside getaway
  • Eagle – Home of the brave
  • Duck – Waterfowl hunting in the UK
  • Bat – (add a “car” emoji) and that’s how you roll
  • Shark – Diving in South Africa
  • Owl – Up all night…(Why sleep when you can sleep on the plane?)

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