Why It’s Important To Visit Sites Of Human Tragedies


Facebook Auschwitz Memorial : Muzeum Auschwitz

Photo: Auschwitz Memorial / Muzeum Auschwitz

Not every travel destination is a dreamy or blissful one. There are many places throughout the world where unspeakable tragedies have taken and continue to take place; where the extreme sense of loss and guilt continues to linger and profoundly define the spirit of these spaces. Such places include Nazi concentration camps and antebellum slave plantations, where the worst and most painful abuses of human history took place, in which we can now visit and commemorate the people who suffered and remind ourselves never to forget.

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Although it may not be our first instinct to journey to a place of intense tragedy, traveling is a powerful way to connect with world history and all of humanity. The best way to get in touch with history is to go to these sites and physically stand in the places where these events took place. Being physically present in a place in which people have suffered immensely, it’s impossible not to imagine their suffering and gain perspective and empathy. It is a chance to put ourselves in the shoes of those from the past and realize our common humanity, as part of the same species that walked the earth before and continue to do so today.

Facebook Anne Frank House

Photo: Facebook/Anne Frank House

Going to a site of tragedy is a raw and powerful way to profoundly reflect on the most staggering parts of human history. It is a way to realize that no matter how far away the past seems, historical events all happened in this very world that we inhabit, which is why every event still influences our reality and always will.

They’re definitely not the easiest or most fun places to go to, but they are places that will make you consider the point in history and the type of world in which you live your life today. These types of reflections are invaluable and a privilege to have if you have the capacity to make the journey that will help you understand your place in human history. Find the courage to experience and relive profound human tragedies and allow yourself the chance to connect with world history and the rest of humanity by traveling to some of the sites listed below.

Facebook National September 11 Memorial & Museum

Photo: Facebook/National September 11 Memorial & Museum

Just a few of many historical sites of tragedy:

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