Nail Art Trends You’ll See In Asia This Summer



Another season, another trip for outrageous nail art! Except this time, the trend isn’t so…outrageous!

Ladies: If you’ll be in Asia, why not glamorize your nails to the max in countries that are much more fashion-forward in the nail design department? If you want to vamp up the tips of your fingers, get the real deal in Taiwan, Japan, Korea of Singapore.

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According to Cherry Nails in Taipei, Taiwan; what you’ll see across the continent are pearls, flowers and shades of macarons. Owner of the beloved salon in downtown East District, Cherry told us:

Pearls, especially big pearls, are trending this summer. Prints or drawings of florals on top of colors of macarons is in popular demand. Think: light pink, light blue, light yellow, light purple…series of soft-hued shades that remind you of a baby. 

Cherry nails Taipei

No over-the-top rhinestones, no gold chains (of course, you’re welcome to get them and you’d still fit in especially strolling through Harajuku.) This summer’s elegant trend might just nudge you to book that appointment during your trip and be able to alway say: I got my nails done in Asia!

Then, show off your new glam back home. It’s a must.


Photos: Cherry Nails


map cherry nailsCherry Nails

Taipei, Zhongxiao East Road, Dinghao Shopping Center B1 (next to the escalator) (map, website)
MRT Station: ZhongXiao Fuxing Station, or ZhongXiao Dunhua Station
Hours: 2:00PM – 10:00PM (Closed on Mondays). Call: 0982-582-204
營業時間 2:00PM – 10:00PM
預約專線: 0982-582-204


Services & Price List:

  • Basic manicure – NT $400 (include: buffing, cuticle cleaning, nail shaping, color).
  • Basic pedicure – NT $600 (include: buffing, cuticle cleaning, nail shaping, color).
  • Advanced pedicure – NT $1,200 (same as above, adding: foot scrub, massage with cream).
  • Basic manicure + pedicure – NT $1,000.
  • Single color gel – NT $1,300 (+ design will be additional charges depending on design).

Wendy Hung contributor profile Taipei



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