Fashion At The Races: It’s That Time Of Year Preakness_1

Horse racing is a unique sport in that for many people it’s as much about culture as the actual contests. Yes, major races showcase sensational athletic talent on the part of the horses, not to mention immense skill from breeders, trainers, and jockeys. However, what makes horse racing so enjoyable as a spectator sport is the atmosphere at the tracks. For true racing fans, there’s nothing that beats the excitement, and even for casual racegoers, it can be infectious.

And strangely enough for many conventional sports fans, fashion is a huge part of this exciting atmosphere. In fact, people all over the world often tune in to the biggest and most prestigious horse races, to place bets and watch the competition while also seeing the best displays of style that spectators come up with. This is particularly true in May and June, which is a busy time for the sport with numerous races on both sides of the Atlantic sporting strong reputations for fashionable crowds. belmont-stakes copy

The first of these races, the Kentucky Derby, has already come and gone, and you can see the best looks from the event at Mashable. As usual, the Derby inspired fun and colorful summer styles in women, playful suits for men, and a great deal of accessorizing on both sides. Hardly a spectator was seen without stylish sunglasses, and of course the ladies of the Derby provided the traditional parade of race day hats—oversized, glamorous, and coming in all shapes and colors. On the tracks, meanwhile, the race came down to the wire, with favorite American Pharaoh breaking late to seize the win.

Next up for the early summer racing circuit is the Preakness, which will be held in Baltimore on Saturday, May 16. All of the focus falls on American Pharaoh, who will attempt to gain an inside track on becoming the first champion in years to make a legitimate run at the U.S. Triple Crown. In the coming days, the betting markets will get very active in anticipation of this attempt, and you can click here to find Betfair’s latest take on the upcoming races and learn more about the event in general. Their odds and analysis can change up to the minute, which always keeps these high-profile races exciting. But even with everyone keeping a close eye on American Pharaoh and the competition, the Preakness will also be a place for fashion showcases, though its prevailing styles don’t differ greatly from those at the Kentucky Derby. Sometimes, however, the casual, seaside atmosphere that exists around the Baltimore crowd yields a more casual take on
race day styles. kentucky-derby

Following the Preakness, the Belmont Stakes concludes the U.S. Triple Crown in June, and as of now it’s hard to say what the mood will be like. That is to say, if American Pharaoh is triumphant in Baltimore and heads into the Preakness with a shot at a Triple Crown, fashion and atmosphere will be afterthoughts. All eyes—in the U.S. and much of the world—will be on the tracks, with many hoping for (and betting on) another American Pharaoh win. But even if this isn’t what ends up happening, the Belmont is difficult for spectators not to enjoy. The Belmont website actually has a slideshow of great fashion looks from years past, and it displays a combination of the casual Preakness and the almost pageant-like Kentucky Derby. The prevailing style at the Belmont is usually almost Gatsby-esque, for those who enjoyed Baz Luhrmann’s 2013 film.

And finally, the season rounds out with the Royal Ascot in England in late June, which is a more formal affair from a fashion standpoint. The races at the Ascot are as exciting and prestigious as most any in Europe, and the atmosphere—for those who like to dress up and enjoy a fancy occasion—is tough to beat. However, it’s worth noting that the Royal Ascot has a fairly strict dress code (view it here, and some find the event a little bit stuffy by comparison to the American races.

Altogether, it’s a great time of year for people who enjoy sporting events for more than just the sports! royal-ascot


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