Love Tequila? This Private Jet Tasting Flight Is For You


Tequila Avion tequila private jet

Courtesy: Tequila Avion

This is for the REAL tequila lovers.

For USD $500,000; you, along with nine other friends can board a flight hosted by Tequila Avion, which is a brand you definitely recognize especially if you’re a diehard fan of HBO’s Entourage.

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The ultimate jetset experience is kicks off 30,000 feet above Mexico, inside a Gulfstream private jet where you’ll be sampling Tequila Avion’s delectable products. If taking selfies with your phones aren’t enough, a professional photographer will be traveling with your crew to snapshot every candid moment. Additionally, it wouldn’t be true luxury if the private jet didn’t come with a butler and security.

Celeb-status? That’s how you roll.

Tequila Avion is produced in Jalisco, Mexico from the agave grown in the highest elevations. Once the private jet lands in its distillery, you’ll embark on a private tour with the founder of the company Ken Austin, who set out to create a tequila oozing rich flavor of highlands roasted agave. In regards to the world’s most expensive tasting flight, Austin said:

This exclusive travel package exemplifies our mission to create sought after products and once-in-a-lifetime experiences while celebrating the Avion liquid, which is at the core of everything we do.

After the private tour, you’ll be dining at Alejandro Lopez’s home and with chef Josh Capon. Lopez is a master distiller while Capon owns NYC’s El Toro Blanco restaurant and a frequent judge on the Food Network’s Chopped. 

Tequila Avion private jet

Courtesy: Tequila Avion

Part of the itinerary also includes aging your own small batch of anejo tequila for a minimum of two years.

During the three days and two nights trip, you’ll be resting your feet and head at the upscale Las Alamandas resort, a five-star beach getaway.

For half a million dollars, you wouldn’t leave the jet without major souvenirs. How about Ken Austin’s personal collection of never-been-released bottles of tequila. Can we just say: ¡Salud!

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