Update: Another Major Earthquake Hits Nepal


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 – Latest update: 10:43 pm PST – 

Nepal has been hit by another massive earthquake which struck near the border of China. The force of shakes brought down entire buildings, latest update has announced 83 people dead from the 7.3-magnitude quake in addition to more than 8,000 deaths from the previous earthquake in Nepal that occurred on April 25th, just when Nepal had been transitioning from search and rescue phase to rehabilitation phase.

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Nepali Home Ministry announces 1,926 people have been injured. In India, at least 17 people have died from the tremor while a woman in Tibet has been killed by rocks falling. Another neighboring country, Bhutan, felt tremors but appears to be safe at the moment.

Sitanshu Kar, Principal Spokesperson of India’s Ministry of Defense, has been live-tweeting, showing global rescue efforts from China, India, Italy and the U.S.:

On Tuesday, a U.S. UH-1 Huey military helicopter – sent as part of relief efforts in Nepal – has been declared missing. U.S. military explained:

(the helicopter) was delivering humanitarian aid to those affected by the recent earthquake and evacuating casualties back to Kathmandu.

The Pentagon revealed that on board were six American marines and two Nepalis. The helicopter lost contact on Tuesday evening near the region of Charikot, 45 miles east of Kathmandu. Radio commission reveals the crew was encountering fuel problem before disappearing. Nepali solders have been searching for the missing helicopter by foot, while two U.S. helicopters were sent out looking for the missing aircraft on Wednesday morning.

Many survivors from the April earthquake screamed as they heard noises of building falling. Many were sleeping outside as their nightmare reappeared.

Source: BBC. Additional reporting by Jetset Times. 

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