2 South American Festivals You Belong At In May


Jerry Leon is a Jetset Times contributor currently on a solo backpacking trip in South America. Each week, the born-and-raised Californian will share with us local festivals that he cannot wait to check out in person. Plus, follow his detailed South American tips here

Flickr Luigino Bracci Venezuela festival Diablos Danzantes

Photo: Flickr/Luigino Bracci

1. Diablos Danzantes (San Francisco de Yare, Venezuela)

Dating as far back as the 18th century, Diablos Danzantes (Dancing Devils) is a Venezuelan festival that fuses Spanish and African traditions together, where thousands of people dress in diabolically clad garb to parade through the streets. Inscribed as a member of UNESCO’s Representative List of the Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity since 2012, Diablos Danzantes occurs 60 days after Easter on Corpus Christi.

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13 Diablos Danzantes


 2. Q’oyoriti (Ausangate, Peru)

Just outside of Cuzco at the foot of the Ausangate Mountains, the religious pilgrimage known as Q’oyoriti (Quechuan for ‘Shining Snow’) takes place. Every year, a procession of gathered groups from various Andean villages make the trek to the Chapel of the Señor (Lord), situated 4600 meters above sea level. Thousands of people, dressed in traditional indigenous garb, make the 4-day trek every year. Given its relatively unknown status outside of Peru, few foreigners attempt the journey.

14 Q’oyoriti


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