Here’s An Airbnb Nightmare Coming To Life


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Imagine: when you come back to your home after renting it out via Airbnb, what you find are condoms clogging the toilets, broken glass everywhere, barbecue sauce and mayonnaise across ceilings. What the…?

Renting out their Canadian home in Sage Hill, Calgery, Mark and Star King handed their keys to four people scheduled to stay from Sunday to Tuesday. The group said they were in town for a wedding but the Kings later discovered that their house was used for a huge orgy.

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A few days into the rental, the Kings were forced to come home after their neighbors called to inform that a party bus had arrived at their house and approximately 100-plus people were there.

Mark King airbnb calgery canada

Photo: Mark King

According to CTV Calgery, Mark said:

The police were here before we got here. They had been here seven times, with no cooperation from the people that were in here that had had a party for two nights and all day in between.

Just to kick out 20 uninvited guests, it required an hour. Mark and Star couldn’t believe the level of disarray inside their home:

We were almost knocked over by the fumes, the smell. I mean this is our home, this is our sanctuary, we’ve got a five-year-old and a one-year-old and the sense of violation, the lie that was told, and the trust that I had in somebody and this happens, it was just beyond my imagination … When we came in, one of the police said this isn’t a party, this was a drug-induced orgy.

Before a hazmat team came to clean the house, the Kings couldn’t stay inside and felt as though they couldn’t even walk on carpets. As they told The Globe and Mail:

We don’t want to touch anything. We can’t sleep in these beds again, we can’t walk on these carpets in bare feet, ever again. There’s broken glass everywhere, there’s barbecue sauce on the ceiling, there’s mayonnaise covering our sofa cushions that are piled on the couch, piles of garbage, the floor has a film of all sorts of fluid and guck. Everything’s contaminated.

So what is Airbnb to do about this situation? The company will cover all the damages, which comes out to be more than $50,000. In addition, spokesperson Jakob Kerr released a statement:

We have zero tolerance for this kind of behavior and our team is working quickly to make this right. We have banned this guest from Airbnb, and our Trust and Safety team will offer its full assistance to law enforcement in any investigation of this incident. We have been in very close contact with these hosts and we are working quickly to reimburse them under our $1 Million Host Guarantee, which covers a host’s property in the rare event of damages. Over 35 million guests have stayed on Airbnb, and property damage is extremely rare.

Source: CBC News. Additional reporting by Jetset Times

Does this make you more worried to rent out your home on Airbnb? Let us know in the comments.


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