Travelers Might Want To Re-Route Due To Chile Volcano Ashes


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Last week, a traveling hiker was in the mountains of Chile. It just so happened that he captured the exact moment Volcán Calbuco erupted.

“I am brave…and adventurous.” He said to himself. But soon realized it might’ve been a good idea to escape safely, he ended the video.

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For the last few days, ashes have blanketed the entire Calbuco area. Residents near the volcano’s proximity are trying to save their homes since ashes were so heavy that many rooftops were destroyed. The eradication of livestocks is a huge concern as many locals live off of their cows and goats.

Calbuco is located in south of Chile. The stratovolcano is situated in the Los Lagos Region, southeast of Llanquihue Lake and northwest of Chapo Lake. The volcano and the surrounding area are protected within Llanquihue National Reserve. It is a very explosive andesite volcano whose lavasusually contain 55 to 60% silicon dioxide (SiO2). It underwent edifice collapse in the late Pleistocene, producing a volcanic debris avalanche that reached the lake.

Authorities have asked the help of soldiers, and warned Chilean residents that if rain occurred, mudflows might also happen as a result of water combined with ashes.

The volcano, which hadn’t exploded since 1972, extended to approximately 7,420 million cubic feet of ashes. In turn, it urged a massive evacuation of 6,000 people. Some residents have been allowed to return to their homes to retrieve personal belongings.

The Chilean government has said to provide help for those encountering financial losses, especially farmers who have lost thousands of farm animals during the eruption.

For many, a lifetime’s work has been annihilated in an instant. Restaurant owners, farmers have lost their source of income due to the weight of ashes.

For travelers in the surrounding Chile region, make sure to avoid towns such as Ensenada if you’re not feeling well or experiencing breathing issues.

Source: CNN. Additional reporting by Jetset Times.

What do you think of the Calbuco volcano eruption? Let us know in the comments.


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