This Is About To Become Your New Private Jet Experience


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They say: fly high. So, how about fly high in style. You know you won’t say no to that.

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This month, Four Seasons launches the highly anticipated Four Seasons Private Jet Experience, combining what they do best on the ground and transporting guests in total luxury in air. Starting in April, up to 10 international itineraries allow FS guests to fly around the globe in the new private jet.

Four Seasons Photography Shoot April 2015_Kirsten Holst

Dana Kalczak, Four Seasons Vice President of Design, says:

In our hotels, spaces are conceived as settings for great experiences. The same is true for the Four Seasons Private Jet. Along with the core objectives of comfort and functionality – and adherence to strict aircraft safety standards – we wanted to create an exceptionally luxurious ambiance, and Champagne and caviar became our inspiration.

The jet is deigned in the finest craftsmanship carrying the largest rendition of the FS logo, while the aircraft shines in high-gloss finish. The interior features leather flatbed seats made by specialized aerospace Italian designer Iacobucci and hand-woven woolen carpeting, gorgeous tableware, Mongolian cashmere blankets and stylish cabin crew uniforms.

Four Seasons Photography Shoot April 2015_Kirsten Holst

Regular plane food is not permitted. What you’ll get is an Executive Chef and a Sous Chef taking in-flight culinary delights to the ultimate level. Chef Kerry Sear says:

Our aim is to recreate the hotel experience on the Four Seasons Private Jet, which means creating innovative meals using fresh ingredients, served on the finest tableware and linens, all with impeccable Four Seasons service. The only real difference is that occasionally we have to do a little juggling when there’s turbulence!

The rest of the in-flight crew includes a FS Concierge, a Global Service Manager, and FS-trained in-fight crew.

With the new private jet experience, FS hopes to target the modern traveler who indulges in pure opulence. Price per person based on double occupancy is USD $69,000, while single supplement is USD $8,000. In these packages, you an expect air travel, ground transportation, planned excursions, all meals and beverages throughout the trip, and luxurious accommodations exclusively at Four Seasons hotels and resorts around the world.

What do you say? Isn’t it time to toast your travels with Dom Pérignon!

Four Seasons Photography Shoot April 2015_Kirsten Holst

Photos: Four Seasons

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