5 Best Broadway Musicals To See In NYC That Are Currently Playing



Whether you live in New York or it’s your first time traversing the labyrinth that is the skyscraping map of Manhattan, a Broadway show is ALWAYS a good idea. Keep in mind that I am not an esteemed literary critic, but these top fives are currently up and running.

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1. Les Misérables Les Miserables


It’s a close call between #2 and #1 and I may have some contention against this statement but in my humble opinion, Les Misérables is the best show to see on Broadway right now (and for as long as it’s playing). Based on Victor Hugo’s novel, Les Misérables is a masterpiece through and through. With almost impossibly challenging songs and performances required, it is rare that the viewer will not have a stellar cast to feast their eyes upon. Each character is brilliant in its own way, the storyline compels the audience and manipulates emotions, and the music rallies the audience as if we’re heading for battle themselves. I saw Les Misérables for the first time on Broadway over a month ago and am still thinking about the show. If you choose this one, you definitely won’t regret it. Bravo.

2. The Phantom of the Opera Phantom of the Opera


The Phantom of the Opera is one of Broadway’s most classic experiences. As the longest running show in Broadway’s history and the winner of several Tony awards, The Phantom of the Opera is a must-see for any Broadway-buff or first-time traveler. The Phantom of the Opera is a hauntingly brilliant musical. Its deep and twisted storyline is matched, if not surpassed by captivating music written by Andrew Lloyd Weber. The scenery, costumes, and performances combines to one experience that viewers will never forget. The only hesitations about this show are that it may not be suitable for all audiences and that, at first, it’s difficult to understand. So, pay close attention and remember the movie is a good representation but not the show on screen!

3. Wicked Wicked 1


Wicked is a show that barely needs an introduction. Based on what happened before The Wizard of Oz, it’s a tale capturing the attention and praise of millions. The dance numbers are brilliant, the songs are lively and moving, and the characters pull us into our lives in an admirable and deep manner. The only precaution for Wicked is that it is at times dark and deals with sensitive subject matter. Seeing it for the first time at thirteen is fine for some, but not for others.

4. The Lion King Lion King


The Lion King has been labeled as a classic from its very first opening night. Bringing the well-known movie to life with inspiring songs, astounding costumes, and voices as rich as the storyline itself; The Lion King is never a wrong choice. Whether you’re a couple, with a group of friends, a family with young children, or a lone traveler, there’s something about The Lion King that will fulfill you in a way that most art strives for. Definitely a must-see.

5. Mamma Mia Mama Mia


Mamma Mia is a fun show for the whole family. There are some innuendos inappropriate for children under thirteen but generally, they are subtle enough not to cause too much trouble. The music is catchy and well known, easily grabbing the audience out of their seat and creating a dance party at every show. The costumes are vibrant, the storyline is dynamic, and you will leave singing the songs for days after.

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