One San Francisco Company’s Cure For Homesickness


The San Francisco Box 2

Nothing beats the thrill of traveling or moving to a new place. Venturing off to meet unfamiliar faces and the excitement of a fresh surrounding make leaving home so satisfying. Well, that is, until you get homesick.

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Two native San Franciscans are hoping to remedy this stomach-turning feeling of yearning for home. Co-founders Vieje Piawaudsy and Francis John of The San Francisco Box are introducing an idea that is both simple and genuine: sending a piece of San Francisco to those who miss it. The San Francisco Box is, as the name hints, a literal box, filled to the brim with the city’s goodies. Boudin Sourdough bread, pink popcorn, and canned fog (yes, it exists) are just a few of the box’s elements. Perfect for those who have moved away for college or work, or a teaser for those who have never visited the city before, the Box is the ultimate care package or surprise. As co-founder John puts it, “it’s a really thoughtful gift without any thought.”

The San Francisco Box 3

So what exactly goes in the box? Well, the company wants to keep it 100% San Franciscan, at least in sentiment. While not everything is originally made in the city, some things are just synonymous with SF, like Ghiradelli chocolates. The most important criterion is that the items evoke a sense of nostalgia for the city. The rule of thumb is that the box must feature things that real SF natives want and miss when they’re not home.

Since its recent launch, the company has been ramping up shipments of its boxes and most excitingly, is in talks with local businesses, brands, and restaurants. Because of this, the box is constantly being updated with new items, so those on the receiving end will get the pulse of home without having to be there. One of the biggest goals of the company is to help local businesses get recognized and grow, and with so many potential partners, the box will only keep getting better as time goes on. Currently, boxes are going to individuals, but the co-founders hope to eventually veer into the space of weddings and corporate business.

The San Francisco Box 1

As a San Francisco native myself, I have to say the contents of the box provide a perfect balance of nostalgia inducing products and new items for discovery. The “Keep Tahoe Blue” and “SF State of Mind” stickers reinforced my pride and love for the area, and of course there’s nothing like See’s Candy to satisfy a sweet tooth. Then there’s also de la Paz coffee, an delicious, local brand I can only assume grew out of the hipster following. All in all, the items passed the authenticity test, and my only con was having to face an empty box after devouring all the treats. Looks like I’ll need another!

Got questions or just want a box for yourself? Visit for your own!

The San Francisco Box 4

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