Why You Should Beware Of Wildlife At This National Park


Facebook Teton National Park moose

Moose, elk and bison…oh my!

Travelers heading to Wyoming’s Grand Teton National Park in the next few weeks must beware of the wildlife migrating from winter to summer areas.

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Beautiful, yes. But national park officials are warning all travelers not to disrupt animals in their natural habitat as you take gorgeous photographs on the move.

Teton Grand National Park is known for its incredible wildlife maneuvering in search of shelter and food. Both moose and elks can be seen especially in shaded areas on Cascade Canyon and Timbered Island.

Due to diminishing snowpack, particularly the number of elks are beginning to decrease near the Gros Ventre River. Travelers can still spot several groups of elk spread across the sagebrush flats, where moose can also be spotted.

Facebook Teton National Park wildlife

Because of rising temperature during springtime, animals are known to leave lower ground terrain for higher grounds since they tend to be warmer.

If you’re driving on High 89 or following the Antelope Flats/Kelly route, officials are requesting you to be careful of animals traveling in packs crossing roads.

In addition, be on the lookout for black and grizzly bears coming out of hibernation. Prepare your trips by reading detailed information on bear safety.

Facebook Teton National Park bears

Grand Teton National Park is a 31,000 acres national park, situated in northwestern Wyoming, south of Yellowstone National Park. The park includes major peaks of Teton Range which runs 40-mile-long, as well as most of the northern sections of the valley known as Jackson Hole.

Photos: Facebook/Grand Teton National Park


map teton national park wyomingGrand Teton National Park

Wyoming, United States (map, website)
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